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Eats, Knits & Leaves Summer Camp

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Monday night saw the monthly meeting of Eats, Knits & Leaves at Toadstool Bookshop.

June 2006 Eats, Knits & Leaves
L to R: Pat, Beth, Vicky, Barbara, and Patty

It’s becoming cliche for me to say that “a good time was had by all,” but once again that was unarguably the truth. Once again, Danielle of The Cozy Tea Cart generously provided us with samples of many of her tea offerings. This time it included four different iced tea blends, exclusive to her shop, and so new the shipment arrived only that day from Germany! There was much excitement as the carafes were passed around.

One of the big topics for the night was the issue of what to do during the summer months. Last month, it was suggested that we skip over the summer and not meet again until September. But the consensus among those present Monday was that the majority of us wanted to continue through the summer anyhow.

And so, the next meeting of Eats, Knits & Leaves will take place on Monday, July 10th. Bring projects to show and tell, bring your summer knitting, or just take a couple of hours for yourself and sit and relax while the rest of us knit. We’ll be here!

Sticks and Leaves

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Tonight’s fiber escapade involved Knitting in Public. Craft Goddess Bea Kimball had spotted an ad in the Milford Cabinet for the Toadstool Bookstore in Lorden Plaza. It seems that they decided to start a knitting group, to be held on the second Monday of each month.

It had been a while since Bea and I had gone on an outing, so we decided we’d pack up our knitting and check this out. There were six of us in attendance, all with different numbers of years of knitting experience under our belts.

The whole idea is to be a casual, social gathering. Apparently the primary organizer wasn’t able to attend tonight, but we’re told she has plans for next month – she has someone who caters tea parties coming in to offer samplings of various English teas. I heard that and immediately said, “We can call it Sticks and Leaves”, to which everyone laughed and agreed that would be a fitting name.

We sat with our various projects, knitting and chatting about almost everything. Several other group members also attend book groups at the store, and there was much discussion of some of the recent selections.

A good time was had by all, and it looked like we all made progress on our knitting, too. WIP Report, SE4: Knitting at the Toadstool, I completed the leg on SE4, and I am just beginning the heel flap.

I’m looking forward to next month!

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