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NH S&W – What I Got

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As I hinted yesterday, I did come home with something from the Festival. Tools, rather than fiber. They’re called Weavette Looms. They’re a direct descendant of Weave-It Looms, which were introduced in the 1930’s, and a cousin to the many brands of handheld looms that have existed in the decades since.

Weavettes Looms

Weavettes are currently made in six sizes – 2″, 4″, and 6″ squares, and three different sizes and proportions of rectangles. I bought the 2″ and 6″ square looms. There was a book of weave patterns as well, but where I had the funds to get two looms, I didn’t have enough to get a book along with them. Besides, I figured the book would be easier to turn up than the looms, which I had only seen at online sources.

I’ve actually got a small background in weaving. I own two different rigid heddle looms (though they’re buried somewhere in our storage locker), and have woven shawls and scarves on them. I also own, though I’ve never used it, a large floor loom. It was a freebie given to me by a sheltered workshop group in Syracuse – they couldn’t use it anymore because it needs repairs, and it was going to be thrown out. I’ve never since had an apartment with sufficient space to set it up, so it’s still in need of repairs. And, like the rigid heddle looms, it’s buried in the storage locker.

As a child, I also had a Weave Easy loom – a tiny loom which actually had a rigid heddle to open the shed for you. My original is lost in the decades, but some years back I found another at a rummage sale.

It, too, is buried in the storage locker, somewhere in a box of craft supplies.

As you might guess, I haven’t woven in a while. But I’ve been seeing the Weavettes in ads over the last several years, and have been hankering to try a little, handheld version of weaving again. When I found these at a vendor at NH S&W, I knew for sure they were what I wanted to take home.

When we got home Saturday afternoon, I didn’t waste any time getting started.

Pile of Weavettes Squares

Most of the squares you see, the pinkish ones, are woven from that variegated red/pink/orange handspun that is my first wheel-spun yarn. This is the same stuff that I tried to knit with, and hated how it looked.

Weavette Square in Progress

Woven, however, it’s looking great. Nice, heathery tweed.

The variegations in color throughout the yarn are making for good variety in the squares, too.

Color Variation in "Red" Handspun Yarn

I’m thinking I will make a combination of large and small squares and make another throw pillow. I’m aiming for a huge, luxurious, pile of decorative throw pillows on my bed. This would be pillow number two, to add to the quilted one I made before.

I’ve solved the issue of the weave pattern book, too. While I still want the one currently published by the Buxton Brook people (who make the Weavettes), I found an online source dedicated to all these little handheld looms over the Twentieth Century – eLoomaNation. Along with great resources about the types of looms available, and projects to make with them, they’ve collected vintage instruction books and put them up as free PDF downloads. Since most of the different loom brands were actually compatible – usually they wove a 4″ square – even the books for looms other than the Weave-It/Weavette are useful to me. I’ve begun playing with some of the textured weaves – sorry, no pictures yet since I’ve only done a couple small squares – and will probably incorporate them into the pillow woven from my handspun.

Gryphon and I are both impressed with how quick and easy these are to use, and are coming up with stash-busting ideas for my yarn collection. Curtains are a possibility – we don’t have proper ones for Gryphon’s windows. Gryphon allows as how he might actually be persuaded to weave his own – he made this little square on the 2″ loom the other night, in no time flat.

Gryphon's Weavette Square

I’ve done a couple of test squares with Sugar ‘n Cream cotton yarn as well, and you know what? It may inspire me to frog my In-Progress Log Cabin Blanket, and start over as a woven piece. I like the weight and texture of the woven Sugar ‘n Cream much better than the garter stitch knitting, and the yarn will go a lot further. Which means the blanket won’t be as heavy in the end, either.

There you have it, then. Yet Another Way To Spend My Time. ‘Cuz I didn’t have enough crafts already, right?

Coming Tomorrow:

Maybe not a step-by-step how-to, but at least a general guide to how you, too, can cover a rock with freeform embroidery.


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One of the big reasons for going to NH S&W this year was Claudia. We’ve become good friends via our blogs, exchanging small gifts, always there with a supportive comment or a giggle. When I heard she was going to be a vendor at the Festival this year with her Heal My Hands products, I had to go!

Me and Claudia

So here we are, together at last. Unfortunately, since Claudia was working, we only had the briefest of encounters. We were left wanting for more – a chance to just hang out, knitting and crocheting together, talking, sharing good food and drink, maybe some shopping adventures. I have a feeling we’re going to make an effort to bring our paths together again for a more extended visit.

BTW, over my left shoulder you can see some of Claudia’s awesome freeform crochet. The sidebar of her blog has a link to a gallery of photos, too. Inspired by Claudia, I tried to wrap my brains around freeform crochet – I’m as good a crocheter as I am anything else – but just can’t seem to feel the changes.

So I fell back on the freeform fiber art I do indulge in, and made a gift that I presented to Claudia when I saw her – a little piece of New Hampshire to keep in memory of our first meeting.

A Freeform Embroidered Rock for Claudia
Freeform Embroidered Rock

Yes, that’s embroidery. The rock is a piece of granite that spontaneously appeared in our driveway a week ago Sunday – we went out for errands and it wasn’t there, we came back and it was. Why one gets these ideas, who knows, but I decided to pick it up and make this little object as a gift. I’d done this freeform embroidery before (pre-blogging) to make pendants out of a couple of carved or tumbled gemstones. This was the first time I did an object this large.

I’d tell you just how I did it right now, but there are other places I need to go with this post and it will get too long. Tell you what, though – I promise, by the end of the week I’ll put up as much of a how-to as is possible, okay?

Bloggers’ Meet-up

My first ever, you know, even though I’ve been blogging for over two years now. I got to meet so many of you, and I’m afraid I won’t remember everyone. Gryphon was a good do-be with the camera, though, and did his best to get a picture. It’s like herding cats, you know, so we didn’t manage to get everyone. But he did capture a number of the group in this frame!

Blogger Meet-up, NH S&W 2007

I just noticed – we’re almost exclusively wearing blue, aren’t we? That’s a little freaky!

Somewhere in there you may, or may not, see JessaLu, Wanda (in red), Cynthia, Laurie, Helen, Habetrot, MamaCate, Lynne, Lucia and more. If I missed you on this list, my apologies – please do drop me a note to say hello!

It was actually a little intimidating for me. It quickly became obvious that almost everyone already knew everyone else, and had many shared experiences to draw from for easy conversation. Me, not so much. This was only my second wool festival (third, if the Wool Arts Tour counts), and my first blogger meet-up. I didn’t have much to contribute as everyone reminisced about previous festivals, events they went to together. Hopefully, I can start to change that as I get to know some of you better. Maybe even, dare I say, meet off-blog now and then?

JessaLu made my day, I have to say. She was the one who looked over at me, said “Are you Jen?”, then said, “I’m JessaLu!” and gave me a big hug. Thank you so much, JessaLu!

Jen’s Purchases?

I did buy something, yes I did. Two somethings, even. But I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to tell you what. Suffice it to say, it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while; it’s durable goods (tools) rather than expendable (fiber); it introduces a new variant on fibercraft into my repertoire; I started playing with them almost as soon as we got home; Gryphon even did a little; I already have big plans for big projects with them.

More tomorrow! 😉

Socks FO; and, S&W Speculation

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As expected, I finished the second pair of socks for Gryphon at Panera last night. Here they are, modelled by the recipient.

FO: Socks, Pair Two for Gryphon

Don’t they go nicely with his plaid flannel pajamas?

I attempted to start a pair of socks for myself. I say attempted, because although the yarn – Regia colore antik, I think? the ball’s not in front of me right now – looks at least as thick as the Trekking XXL, the fabric I got when I knit it up on the same size 1.5 needles looked like gauzy lace to me.

I’m getting a fabric I like on size 0’s, with a gauge of 9.5 stitches to the inch. Problem is, that means ideally 104.5 stitches around for my 11 inch ankles, and 95 stitches around for my 10 inch foot. I looked through the patterns in Sensational Knitted Socks, and those measurements neatly fell so far between the spots on the charts that I’d either have loose or baggy socks. Cool Socks, Warm Feet presented a different problem – Lucy Neatby apparently didn’t think that anyone with an 11 inch ankle would ever try to knit her socks with a 9.5 gauge, so none of her numbers come up high enough!

I’m probably faced with creating my own pattern, which I’m fine with doing. But it neatly removes knitting a pair of socks for me from the realm of “mindless enough to do while watching TV or chatting.”

I’m actually planning to make these with toes and heels in them – yeah, I know. Barefoot Diva and all that. But I’ve decided I want to see if I can tolerate the toes and heels if, perhaps, I knit an ankle sock. Maybe if I don’t have all that sock grabbing onto my leg, the toes won’t pull and pinch so much. It’s a theory, anyhow, and one I expect to test once I sort out my pattern to suit this gauge.

In other news, I’m expecting to get up early with Gryphon so we can get to NH S&W at a reasonable hour. I have a little more to spend than I’d hoped, and no specific goal for it beyond a vague “maybe enough roving to spin yarn for a whole _____?” (I don’t even know what fills that blank – sweater? shawl? cell phone cozy?)

I guess that means I’m leaving myself wide open to the possibilities. Maybe I’ll find a handpainted roving or yarn. Maybe I’ll invest in a good bargain on a tool I can use. Maybe we’ll go all out and actually get a fleece that I need to take through the entire fiber preparation process. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

It’s Official

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I finally made up a new batch of business cards for the blog, and after my name, I listed, “Knitter, Spinner, Quilter, Beader, All-Around Multi-Crafter.”

For a woman who always said, “I do just about any craft except for quilting,” it’s a big deal to make that declaration. I guess now I have to start saying, “I do just about any craft except for scrapbooking.” Only I’m afraid that might guarantee I’ll become a scrapbooker, and I just don’t need to get into that stashing opportunity, LOL

Just to prove that the Quilter declaration isn’t a fluke, I made another set of squares for my Bento Box wallhanging yesterday.

QIP: Bento Box Wallhanging, Squares 1-4

I know this is actually the second set of four made for the wallhanging, but since the first set got re-purposed as a pillow, these will count as squares 1-4 for the quilt.

This is the first set of Bento Box squares made using the new seam allowance guide that I wrote about a few weeks ago, and they came out with perfect 1/4″ seams. All four of these squares are 8 inches, just as they’re supposed to be. Bodes well for the rest of the wallhanging!

NH Sheep & Wool

Gryphon and I will be going up Saturday morning. There’s been a bloggers’ meetup announced over at Carole Knits – Saturday at noon, outside the Roby Building, facing the Goat Barn. Hope to see some of you there!

Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Many thanks to everyone who wrote with their support and good wishes over the past week. It made a difference. You are all very special to me, and your thoughts helped me get through.

I had hoped, when I announced this blog vacation last week, that by today there would be a change in our fortunes Chez Folkcat and Gryphon. And I was right.

Gryphon applied for a part time job at a major supermarket chain, interviewed last Friday, and was hired today. He’s off filling out paperwork and getting his initial orientation right now. He’ll be staying at his full-time employment, and working the part-time job as well. It will mean a shift in our lives as we adjust to Gryphon spending more time working, but we’ll finally have enough income to actually live on. Plus, there appears to be strong potential for growth with this new company.

Route 101 was re-opened to vehicles last week, taking the excessive traffic noise away from it’s detour under our windows. We drove by to see what the fuss had been about – this was the best picture I could get.

Route 101 landslide

If you can see the hillside on the left behind the reflections and glare in the window, all those patches of bare dirt used to be a tree-covered hillside that went right down to the road. Dozens of trees, along with the dirt, had slid onto both lanes of traffic. There are two separate patches that slid – the one on the immediate left edge of the picture, and another down the road that is just visible above the first oncoming car. (Click for a larger view.)

What took so long is that the hill kept sliding, even as they were trying to clean it up. They had to find a way to stabilize everything, or at least to keep it off the road if more fell. There’s an added complication that the slide took place right at the town line between Milford and Wilton; slid onto a State Route; and it was on private land. I’ll bet the lawyers were staying up late trying to figure out who was responsible to do what, and where the money was going to come from!

Crafting took a big hit during my depression over the last week. I did do some, but not as much as usual. My ability to focus was completely shot, and I had a significant need to do simple, mind-numbing activities as I coasted through the week. I did continue knitting on Gryphon’s socks, and they’re within a couple of inches of completion. But I’m also puttering at a couple of secret projects I can’t blog about yet.

I am preparing to go to New Hampshire Sheep & Wool this weekend, probably on Saturday. My good blog-friend Claudia and I are going to meet up for the first time – she’s a vendor there with her Heal My Hands products. I won’t have much to spend on wool or yarn, but I am excited to be going – it’s the second time I’ll be attending, and the first as a spinner.

Last time I was interested in needlefelting – my objective was to buy the smallest balls of any color of roving I could! This time, I’ll be interested in larger quantities of a single color/type, with the hope that I may one day spin a good enough yarn, in sufficient volume, to make a whole sweater, shawl, or, well, whatever.

I haven’t seen anything around the blogs yet about a bloggers’ meetup at the Festival. I hope you aren’t all avoiding it after nearly drowning last year! If anyone knows of one, please let me know, I’d love to see you.

Otherwise, I expect things to get back to normal this week. Life will be a little easier with the extra income, but more important, at least it now feels possible. Last week, I couldn’t have said that.

Hand Me That Chainsaw…

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BTW, today is International Juggler’s Day! I’ve celebrated by juggling scarves – my one and only performance talent – and Gryphon celebrated by watching me.

You can celebrate, too! If you juggle, spend a few minutes practicing. If you don’t juggle, find someone who does and encourage them to do a little while you watch.

Or if you don’t have access to any jugglers otherwise, you can take a peek at this video of Michael Moschen. This talented man is my favorite juggler of all time, and this is one of my favorite of his pieces.

Oscar Night – Notes From The Red Carpet

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What the heck – I said I wouldn’t do a blow-by-blow like I did for the Emmys last year, but as I watched the red carpet coverage tonight, I found my fingers wandering to the keyboard. So, not a detailed rundown, but a few thoughts about the work that E! did tonight.

E!’s coverage is not the best I’ve seen. Their assigned location for interviews along the red carpet is cramped – celebrities can barely move along before they’re stopped by the next reporter. Some of the gowns face possible damage as those with long trains can’t even move completely out of E!’s area when they stop. The next celebrity interviewed by E! winds up having to avoid stepping on the fabric.

I miss the Glam Cam they used at the Golden Globes, it gave a great view of the outfits.

E! has occasionally inserted a short, pre-recorded bit with Ellen Degeneres, behind the scenes inside the theater, and they’ve all been lame so far.

We keep getting abruptly jerked back and forth between Ryan Seacrest (who is doing the lamest job of interviewing that I’ve ever seen), and up on a nearby rooftop, Jay Manuel and Giuliana DePandi, who are using the “Glam-a-strator” to analyze the fashions. So far, my opinions have almost all been the exact opposite of theirs. They trashed Kirsten Dunst, and I thought she looked stunning. They loved Cameron Diaz’s look, and I thought she was a disaster. We did agree on a few – Helen Mirren, for instance, is absolutely gorgeous in a soft, wavy hairdo and a gown that nearly matches her hair.

Meanwhile, Giuliana’s own outfit is a pretty dull shade of olive green, and looks rather stiff to me. Her hair looks like it was pulled back in haste, with stray strings hanging down. As for Jay, well, he’s wearing a tuxedo that looks pretty much like any other.

Earlier, Giuliana was talking with Debbie Matenopoulos, another of E!’s red carpet correspondents. Neither said anything that made much sense to me – they were clearly trying to fill dead air. Debbie looked emaciated in a strapless red gown that was struggling to stay up. I swear at one point Giuliana was clutching Debbie’s hand to keep her from walking off camera – I think I actually saw her pulling Debbie back as she started to move away. And oddly, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Debbie since, and no one’s even talking about her…

Ryan just as embarassing, if you ask me. He keeps talking about the crews and reporters working in the cramped space next to him, and making the E! camera turn on them. He keeps forgetting to ask about the designers responsible for the clothing. The crowded river of celebrities keeps sending big names past him while he’s still talking to others. And the rest of the on-camera folks aren’t helping any, as they make him ask questions like what underwear the star is wearing.

Which led to yet another embarassing moment, when they asked Ryan what he was wearing under his tux, he started digging around under his waistband and gave himself a mini wedgie to display the elastic of his Calvins. Meanwhile, Helen Mirren is standing behind him waiting for her turn to talk to him. Not only that, she’s actually chosen to come back down the row to him, having passed him by for the next reporter because he was talking to someone else when she came along. And there she stands, elegant and patient as anything while Ryan is displaying his underwear. Class will always out, I tell you.

Oh, my – nearly the end, and Debbie is back with Jay and Giuliana. She still looks a little off, shoulders hunched, eyes wide, attitude a little to “oh-gosh-wow” eager. Interrupting the others frequently with meaningless comments. Very annoying.

And yet, as awful as E!’s red carpet spectacle was this time – and it was certainly the worst I’ve seen in recent years – I still praise the goddesses every time that it’s not Joan and Melissa!

We’re Ready – Are You?

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On Saturday, Gryphon and I got out the gingerbread house kit we’d bought – and the massive piles of auxiliary candies – and decorated it.

Gryphon Piping Icing
Gryphon Knows How to Work an Icing Bag

Gingerbread House - Front Door
The Front View

Gingerbread House - Rear Door
The Rear View

Our gingerbread houses always have a bit of a split personality. Partly from each of us working on opposite sides simultaneously, and partly from our decorating getting sillier and sillier the further along we get.

Starting Sunday afternoon and continuing up until just a short while ago, we decorated our tree.

Christmas Tree Chez Folkcat & Gryphon, 2006

No time for close shots of ornaments now – I’ll try to do that later this week. We’ve got some nice ones there – my brother, who runs Disney’s Photo Library out in California, has sent me some wonderful Disney-themed pieces.

There are presents under the tree as well.

Craft Goddess Presents, 2006
Craft Goddess Gifts

No, the item on top of the center one hasn’t fallen over. That was the first package I wrapped, and I didn’t realize until the second one that I could get those cute little marshmallow characters to stand up under the bows.

Gingerbread House and 'Zzy-'Zzy
‘Zzy-‘Zzy and the House

Then there’s the gingerbread house in its final display spot. The table is dressed with a Swedish handwoven table runner that was my grandmother’s.

And as you can see, the largest gift I’m receiving this year stands in a place of pride, right next to the house. Her name is Dizzy Lizzy, but I’ve taken to calling her ‘Zzy-‘Zzy for short. More about her later!

The final decorative touch we’ve put in place is a new one this year. I was lucky enough to find one of the exquisite paper-cut garlands by Tord Boontje at Target. Before the meager supply sold out and was never re-stocked, that is. It is now providing a very elegant touch around the top of our entertainment center.

Tord Boontje Garland
Paper Cut Swans – Beautiful!

I love these because they are a modern take on a very traditional Scandinavian holiday decoration – paper doll-like garlands of holiday images. Usually full-color printed and die-cut, they probably stem from an even earlier, home-made, hand-cut garland. These laser-cut (I assume) designs by Tord Boontje blend the simple elegance of the originals with a modern sensibility, and an intricacy that would have been almost impossible if cut by hand.

So, there we are – decorated and ready, at last. The Craft Goddesses come for our annual party tonight, and then, Gryphon and I get to enjoy the decor until we leave for Syracuse this weekend to spend the holidays with my family.

It’s hard work, but it’s so much fun. And the results are so beautiful!

How the Monsters Get Into My Refrigerator

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It’s happened again. Just like last year, there’s a monster in my refrigerator. (You can see a picture of last year’s monster there – scroll down a little.)

For the unitiated amongst you, here’s the story: here in New England, many small manufacturing companies still take a very paternal approach to their employees. One of the ways that manifests itself where Gryphon works is in the annual handing out of 20-lb. Thanksgiving Turkeys to every single employee.

And I mean, 20 pound Turkeys. To every employee.

Even the single ones who live in studio apartments with hot plates.

Don’t get me wrong. This is a very generous thing that they do, and we’re grateful for the bird.

It’s just that, it’s only the two of us for Thanksgiving. We’ll be freezing a lot of leftovers.

At least we have an actual oven. And a freezer.

Last year, I did the roasting of the bird. It was certainly something I’m capable of. But I don’t find much joy in spending my entire day tending a 20-lb. bird in the oven, basting it every half hour, etc. I’d rather be watching the parades and eating a Swanson Turkey Dinner. (At least, the way they used to be before they updated everything a few years back. Don’t mess with the classics!)

This year, I got to go along for the monster pick-up.Unlike many companies which hand out certificates you can take to the local supermarket, Gryphon’s employer actually collects a small truckload of the turkeys themselves. For second shift workers, that means going in a few hours early and bringing the bird home.

A Truckload of Turkeys
The Truckload of Birds

Not only that, but the birds (still in the original wholesale packaging of two birds to a box) are all directly labeled with specific employees’ names. So when you show up for your turkey, they have to hunt through the truck for your turkey.

The Monster Hand-Off
The Hand-Off

Phil was doing the searching when we arrived, and he poked among the boxes until he found the one labeled “Bill Q”. Which I guess is their way of saying Bill Kubeck. But we knew it had to be ours because, oddly, Gryphon is the only Bill working anywhere in the company.

Gryphon and the Turkey
Gryphon Gazes in Wonder

Now, after last year’s turkey, I had declared that I wasn’t going to do this again. But Gryphon, bless him, decided weeks ago that he enjoyed the whole thing enough that he would take responsibility for cooking the turkey and preparing Thanksgiving dinner this year.

I suspect the look on his face here comes from the realization of what he’s gotten himself into.

I’ll be doing my share. Something I actually enjoy is making the jellied cranberry sauce from scratch. I’ll do that this weekend, and between now and T-Day I’ll be deciding what we do about a pie or pies for dessert. If I get really ambitious, I wouldn’t rule out making one.

Mind you, we’re going to thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. It’s actually something of a special holiday for us – we celebrate it as an anniversary. Way back in 1992, we had known each other for two years online already. But it wasn’t until he came to Syracuse to have Thanksgiving Dinner with me and my family that we ever laid eyes on each other.

So we like to have a nice Thanksgiving Dinner, and the Monster currently thawing in our refrigerator will be the centerpiece of the celebration.

Still and all – once again, there’s a Monster in my Refrigerator!

Refrigerator Monster, 2006

Halloween 2006 in Wilton, NH

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As per usual, the children from the local elementary school marched down the hill to Main Street for their annual Costume Parade.

2006 Halloween Parade, Wilton, NH

This is the sort of thing that could only happen in a small town with a single local school. Traffic on Main Street gets completely stopped by the police so the children can march safely. A fire truck leads the way, honking the big horn to announce the start of the parade. And all the people downtown gather along the curbside to watch.

Tuesday night is normally my home craft circle night. Trick-or-Treat, however, had me not wanting to be home. I don’t begrudge the kiddies their holiday candy, but Gryphon’s the one who really gets into handing it out. I don’t deal well with the constant up and down to answer the door, and the endless interruptions to whatever I’m trying to do. And since Gryphon works second shift (3 to midnight), that means that when Halloween falls on a weekday, I’ll be elsewhere.

So my craft circle made plans to go to Panera for the night. And some of us did it in costume.

Folkcat in Garb, Halloween 2006

I’ve gained a lot of weight since my wedding, but that’s the nice thing about medieval garb – it tends to be loose fitting. So as you can see here, I can still fit into my wedding dress.

We had a great time at Panera. As a character appropriate activity, I brought a couple of drop spindles, including the thin yellow laceweight I’m spinning on the Tom Forrester drop spindle. I may actually have made visible progress.

Thin Thin Spinning Progress

Yes, I’m pretty sure there’s enough more yarn on there to be noticeable.

It is always fun to spin in public. As usual last night, there were many people who caught a glimpse of what I was doing, and then just couldn’t take their eyes off the process. One lady was so fascinated I decided to walk right over to her table so she could ask questions and see more closely; another older gentleman was bold enough to come right over and ask about it. And there were several small girls who just sat by their mom, but their eyes were open w-i-i-i-i-de…

It’s local spinning guild night at the library again today, so I’ll be going out to spin again. Not so much in public – we meet in a tiny conference room – but a chance to commune with other spinners. Always a good thing!

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