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Knitting Away the Weekend

Filed under: Knitting,Movies — folkcat at 5:27 pm on Monday, February 25, 2008

My mood was kinda down this weekend, so I sat and knitted a lot. Can you tell?

SG:P4(S1) - Almost There!
Socks for Gryphon: Pair 4, Sock 1 (SG: P4(S1))

Don’t worry about how very skinny that leg looks. It’s just that the K2P2 ribbing really pulls in the knitting. Which, on Gryphon’s size 13 feet, makes for a really funny looking sock.

The part from the little green stitch marker at the ankle, up to the needles, is what I did during the Oscars last night. And can I just say, how nice to have a real awards ceremony again after the yawnfest that was the Golden Globes “awards announcements”? Okay, no really memorable Oscar moments, but it was a competent, amusing, entertaining ceremony with good song performances, and a good distribution of the statues to deserving recipients.

Enchanted (Widescreen Edition)Oh, and the songs from Enchanted really made me want to see the movie! I mean, where else do you get a happy, fairytale princess singing about how the vermin are helping her lug the hairballs from the shower drain? For more laughs, here’s a link to the lyrics to the Happy Working Song.

If I get a decent amount of knitting in today, I will probably finish this sock tonight. Then I get to decide if I will start the second sock today, or wait for a fresh start tomorrow. Probably depends on how much I feel like moving from my knitting chair when I finish…<g>

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Comment by Carol

February 26, 2008 @ 9:09 am

I’m impressed. Man socks always take me FOREVER! Or maybe it’s just the comparison between my size 6 ladies and the hubby’s size 9.5 mens…Size 13?? Yikes. I’d be there for months, I think….

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