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Dogs Prozac Not Eating, First things first. I made some progress on the Adult Surprise Jacket yesterday, though not all of it knitting. The tower of blue/green variegated yarn, once upon a time, was my Clapotis. I never wear it, even though I love the Red Heart yarn that it was knit from. (I just wasn't as delighted with the finished Clapotis as everyone else seems to be. And no, I don't think it's the yarn - I actually didn't like the look of what, to me, was a fairly boring piece of fabric with lots of drop stitch runs, Dogs Prozac Not Eating. *yawn*)

ASJ: March 12, 2008

I had incorporated the small bit of yarn leftover from knitting the Clapotis in the ASJ, and really liked how the color worked with the purples. I wanted more. Dogs Prozac Not Eating overseas, Being a stash-buster project, I determined I wasn't going to buy it, however. So I decided the Clapotis counted as stash, and spent a chunk of time yesterday frogging it.

Those nice cakes, btw, are center pull balls wound by hand, not on a yarn winder. I was pretty pleased at how nicely they came out!


Dogs Prozac Not Eating, We're making another attempt at bread today. Same recipe as last time, but this time I'm letting the starter proof longer, using olive oil instead of shortening, kneading longer, and letting it rise more. Fingers crossed!

Fan Collector Geek

That's the name of my brother's new blog. We grew up with collecting parents, and he, Dogs Prozac Not Eating japan, like me, came honestly by his habit of gathering all sorts of interesting stuff. He started this blog last week as a place to showcase his collections, and to reflect on the nature of collecting and collectors. Check it out, and if you like what you see, drop him a comment!

Your Mother Should Know

For a long time, (this blog will be three years old on April 23rd), I've been writing here without my family much looking at what I have to say, Dogs Prozac Not Eating. My brother was always too busy to peek, and my mother simply didn't have a computer.

All that's changed. This past Christmas, my brother actually went through my blog to get gift ideas, and came up with an amazing one. He also, for my mom's birthday in November, gave her a MacBook computer.

Mom has been taking lessons at the Apple store near her, and she's been exploring the web. She even takes pictures with the camera built into the laptop, Dogs Prozac Not Eating craiglist, and e-mails them to family. Dogs Prozac Not Eating, It's been great to be more in touch with the family in Syracuse this way, we just don't seem to be the type that phones much.

Until this past weekend, though, I never got a clue that she might be looking at the blog yet. Then, she e-mailed me Sunday night, saying she'd been looking around here, and she had a few things to nitpick about in regards to my "105 Things About Folkcat" over on the sidebar. Mostly some details about family history that I, having "learned" them as a child, hadn't quite gotten right.

I doubt I'll change how I post here just because my mom may be looking over my shoulder. I've always hoped the family would do so, actually, and could thus understand more about what life is like for Gryphon and I here in New Hampshire. Mom, if you're reading this, welcome, and do stick around, please!

105 Things Redux (Soon)

I was prompted by Mom's e-mail to read through my 105 Things again, Dogs Prozac Not Eating australia, and realized it's actually quite outdated. There are facts that have changed (I comment at one point that "spinning never clicked for me", for instance), Dogs Prozac Not Eating. Lists of favorites that could be updated, desires I express that have been fulfilled. And of course, now, corrections to family history to post, courtesy of my mom!

I'll be working on a new and improved version of "105 Things" to post Real Soon Now. And in that vein, I will point out that I was recently tagged by Crafty Christina for the Seven Random Things meme. Normally, I don't do memes, and technically, I won't be doing this one. But I think I can claim a pass anyway, 200mg Dogs Prozac Not Eating, because the 105 Things will be, well, 105 random things about myself. I hope that works for you, Christina!


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Comment by Carol

March 12, 2008 @ 9:38 pm

That’s neat that your mom helped out with some family historical stuff. I kinda wish I had thought of that when my mom was still around.

As for the Clapotis, if you didn’t like it and didn’t wear it, then froggin git is the right choice. Why keep something that takes up space when you can give it a new lease on life as something you will use?

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