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A White Bread, Luceteering, Knit-Twit…ter

Filed under: Cooking - Folkcat in the Kitchen,Knitting — folkcat at 2:01 pm on Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Commercially packaged and sliced white bread from the supermarket is usually pretty blah.

White bread baked at home where you can select the ingredients and control the process is pretty durned tasty.

White Bread in the Breadbox

That’s the medium sized loaf of White Bread from The Bread Machine Cookbook, which arrived in the mail yesterday. This is a loaf of more “normal” dimensions than the monstrous Honey Oatmeal bread I had been making. And the taste! Rich flavor, good texture. This is going to be a regular for sandwiches.

The loaf is sitting inside the new bread keeper we got. That white thing is a slicing guide, to help us get good, even pieces. Admittedly, I’d been getting better at slicing evenly by eye, but this will help. And the keeper will mean we don’t have to struggle with trying to squeeze a loaf into a gallon-sized zipper bag anymore.

I still have a chunk of the last Honey Oatmeal loaf sitting around. Time for bread pudding in the crockpot, I think!

Fiber Craft Updates

The Adult Surprise Jacket continues to re-grow. I’m still not quite to where I was when I ripped so much out. That’s okay, I have no deadline on this project.

The Ruffled Rat’s Nest that I’m knitting grows slowly.

Ruffled Rat's Nest

This is going to be really hard to get a good sense of, even when it’s bound off and free of the needles.

I started with a nest bag that I was already knitting for the rats. Similar to a sock toe, it was probably 40 stitches across. When I converted it to hyperbolic knitting, I wanted a lot of ruffling to happen quickly. So I picked a pattern of “K3, YO”.

The project gained stitches quickly. I started on size 7 dpns, and had to switch up to Options circulars early on. Only thing is, because I started with a roughly rectangular shape, I have a narrow dimension at either end that is a tight squeeze to get the Options tips around. So the knitting at those points is hard on the hands.

Then, there’s the sheer rapid growth of stitches. They became so crowded on the needles that I moved up to, I think I’m using the 40″ cables already, and switched over to using the two circulars method, just to fit the stitches.

But because this many stitches were created over a fairly small number of rows, they simply can’t spread out on the needles, no matter how much I want them to. Knitting stayed tight, even along the straightaways on the long sides.

A row or two back – about where the red yarn ran out and I added in the green – I switched over to straight knitting, no increases. The goal is simply to get some distance from the center line, some length of fabric from the cast on edge, so that the stitches have room to spread. The nest should be easier to knit then, and I may go back to increases. Maybe not as frequent, though.

I dabbled a little with another thread on the lucet. This time, the fiber choice is a Size 8 perle cotton.

Size 8 Perle Cotton Lucet Sample

This is a graphic demonstration of how the lucet can be used with any size thread or yarn. Because the yarn itself determines the gauge of your stitches, you can use the same tool.

I wanted to expeiment with the size 8 perle cotton because, along with size 11/o seed beads, that’s what’s used to knit a bead knitted amulet bag. (On size 0000 steel dpns, for the curious.) I’ve never found a method for making a neck cord for those bags that pleased me. Working on the lucet could do the trick.

I’ve been carefully studying how the stitches form, too, to see if I can figure out a method for working beads into the cord as I go.


For what it may be worth, I’ve signed up at Twitter. I haven’t added my Twitter to the public feed, I just don’t think the whole world needs to know what I’m doing at any given moment. I have picked up the application Twitbin as a Firefox add-in that lets me constantly monitor my Twitter feeds, as well as pop in my own update easily whenever I want.

Feel free to look me up there, and follow along. You’ll get to see all the boring details of my life as I go through the day – what I’m watching on TV, what I’m eating, if the Ratties do anything cute. If you’re on Twitter, too, let me know and I’ll follow you!


Comment by Carol

March 26, 2008 @ 3:31 pm

Neat bread keeper! And I really like the slicer guide thingie. Looks handy. for those of us/me that are un-handy…..

Comment by Sara Fail

March 26, 2008 @ 8:38 pm

I’m a twit.

Er, I went and twittered.

I’d been thinking about it, anyway. I didn’t realize Dr. Anonymous was on there already. I didn’t know I knew any twits. I mean that in the nicest way . . . . twee hee . . .

I’ve been weaving a weave-it.

I’m trying to figure out, how do you translate web colors into DMC embroidery floss colors, or close enough? I guess I’m off to google that.

Comment by Valerie in San Diego

March 28, 2008 @ 8:49 pm

That’s me that just twittered at you (“eulalia”). I thought that name would be hidden, but at some point Twitter flipped things on me and now “eulalia” is what is displayed instead of “Valerie”. Lovely. Eulalia means nothing at all, but it is a bit less common than “Valerie” as a username.

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