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Piano Tuning and Scrolls

Filed under: Knitting,Knitting Groups — folkcat at 5:25 pm on Friday, April 25, 2008

Just a quicky today. I made a fair bit of progress on the latest sock last night at Panera.

SF:P4 A Pattern Forms

As you can see, this is not my usual, plain vanilla, K2P2 ribbed sock. I decided it was time to branch out, and that the color patterning of this yarn, though bright, could support the right stitch pattern. This is an 8-stitch pattern called “Scrolls”, as found in the book More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch.

Since the colors of the yarn itself made a strong horizontal element, I knew that any stitch pattern with a strong vertical look would fight that. I rejected a lot of patterns that I liked, but that were very vertical in their overall appearance. Scrolls wasn’t as horizontal as I hoped for, but I considered it to be relatively neutral in orientation – almost like a curvy checkerboard, rather than either vertical or horizontal lines.

Drop By Friends

The other event of note last night was that we had a travelling knitter drop in and join us! Dorrie (I have no idea if that’s how her name is spelled – my apologies if I got it wrong!) is in town this weekend for, as she described it, a piano tuners’ conference. We had a fascinating talk about what she does for a living, and I learned a lot. I’ve never had much involvement with making music, so I had no idea – though it makes complete sense – that piano tuners needed to attend such conferences on a regular basis as ongoing education, to hone, improve, and maintain their skills. Thank you so much, Dorrie, for joining us, and I hope you’re having a great weekend!


Comment by sarebear

April 26, 2008 @ 12:48 am

The sock is looking like music to your toes! Couldn’t resist the pun . . .. !

A highschool friend of mine, her dad was a piano tuner.

Not just “any” piano tuner, if there is such a thing, but besides perfect pitch naturally inherent in him, he was “the” best around. So he tuned pianos for some of the most famous people that would come through on concert . . . it was interesting to hear about!!! And yet, because of my friendship (and our families were friends too) with his daughter, he’d tune ours for free (although ours, which was bought used for $600, must have seemed such a poor instrument to him, though he never said so, when he had handled the most exquisite of instruments!!!), although of course we wouldn’t take advantage of him or his kindness. I think he did this twice for us, we didn’t want to abuse the offer, is what I meant by not wanting to take advantage of him!

I like how the Scrolls pattern is turning out so far, and that’s exactly how I’d approach looking for a stitch pattern for the yarn – ie, something vertical just won’t work w/something so strongly horizontal. This looks nice so far!!!!


Comment by Dorrie

April 30, 2008 @ 6:20 pm

Hi, Jen —

Visiting with you and Ann at Panera, and seeing your most remarkable knitting projects, was a highlight of my weekend. The next day I had time to go up to the Elegant Ewe, in Concord, where I picked up the Schurch sock books (I’m thinking of trying the scroll socks myself, following your example). I also got the book Knitting New Scarves, which Ann was using, and usually I can “see” what a pattern will knit up as, but those patterns will take some doing! Ann is brave!

I was the only knitter at the piano conference, and I could tell how challenging each class was by how many rows I had to rip out afterwards! (You remember, it’s a birdseye shawl from, I think, Heritage Knitting website, done in a double-stranded silk lace from Sundara — and it doesn’t seem to mind being ripped out and reknit.)

Thanks again for being there. It always helps to know where the knitters are when I visit a new place.


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