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Chillaxin’ Under an Icy Glare

Filed under: Rats! — folkcat at 9:37 pm on Monday, July 28, 2008

Five days later, and Lily and Laurel are settling in pretty nicely. They are full of energy and can often be found wrestling with each other all through their cage.

Their appetites defy their still petite sizes – they plow through two adult-size portions of fruits and vegetables in no time at all, and usualy settle in for a heavy snooze afterwards.

Lily (L) and Laurel (R) Snooze Off a Feeding Frenzy
Lily (l) and Laurel (r) relax after a meal

That object on top of their felt bag is a half a grape – the only produce that was left at this point.

Lola is still not too thrilled with the situation. She’s tending to sleep in her hammock more, which is at the end of her cage that is closest to the babies. This is her usual pose:

Lola Glares
Are They Gone Yet?

Her fur is all fluffed up. She’s glaring in the direction of the girls, the better to catch every movement and fully document all their transgressions (like daring to exist in HER home). The paw is braced against the wires, the better to support a lunge if an opportunity presents itself.

Gryphon and I are making sure all the rats get separate but equal attention. Lola, however, isn’t entirely thrilled with me, either – I think she may blame me for these new girls coming into the house. She still goes to snuggle with her daddy Gryphon when she can, but she is simultaneously pulled to see how close she can get to the little ones’ cage.

I’ve been orchestrating small, fully supervised meet-and-greets on my lap. Lola and the boys still tend to lunge and try to toss the babies. But the last one, Lily responded by rearing up on her hind legs and getting into a staring match with Lola – who also reared up. Lola soon broke the staring with another lunge, and everyone was put away. But Lily trying to stand her ground, that’s progress. She’s not going to be a submissive rat, she’ll find and insist on her place in the family. Laurel hasn’t had the same opportunity yet, but if she’s anything like her sister, we’ll be fine.

We won’t force them into the same living space until we’re sure it’s safe. In the meantime, I’ll continue to find small ways to let them work out the Rattie Hierarchy.

That’s about it for me. Beyond the Rattie Report, about all that’s been happening is lots of EverQuest 2 playtime. I’m getting a great deal of satisfaction from that right now, and learning the game more in-depth than ever. I have a number of new characters that I’m enjoying, and have been making rapid progress with whoever I play at any given moment. But I’m guessing most of you don’t come here to find out what I’m doing in an online fantasy world, and I’m not sure how much I feel like re-hashing my adventures here.

Yes, I’m still knitting. I’ve taken on a new project, in fact, a scarf for a charity raffle that Mainely Rat Rescue will be holding later this summer. They want to raise the money to file for their tax-exempt status as a 501c3 non-profit organization – yay! For the early details about the raffle, just go to this post at the GooseMoose Pet Portal.

I did some stash-diving and came up with some lovely black mohair, and several partial balls of novelty yarns in rich, deep pinks. I’m knitting a lengthwise scarf with pink stripes set against the black. Right now, it’s just the first few rows of black, so not picture-worthy yet. I’ll let you see it when there’s something to see.

The Ametrine Phoenix entrelac shawl is on hold while I whip up the scarf for the raffle. The scroll lace socks are on hold until I finish the shawl. The Adult Surprise Jacket is on hold until the socks are done. I just hope I can manage not to add too many more layers, or nothing will ever get finished!


Comment by Carol

July 28, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

I luvs me some Rattie!

Yup, charity knitting tends to put everything else on hold. I spent almost a month working on the Hibiscus for Hope sock and now feel a bit at loose ends. Although I DO have knitting to do. To whit, the mitred square blankie, lengthening the hubby’s grey socks, fixing my leaf tank top……

Comment by Elizabeth Delisi

August 1, 2008 @ 1:23 pm

Oh my, Laurel, what a big yawn! I guess I feel the same way after a huge meal. They’re adorable…except for Lola when she’s giving the newbies the evil eye. 😉 Hope they become friends soon!

Comment by Claudia Dunitz

August 3, 2008 @ 12:52 pm

OH my gosh Jen, they are SO adorable. AND that yawn photo is too precious – totally worthy of framing!

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