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More Rat Baby Pictures

Filed under: Rats! — folkcat at 5:01 pm on Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I’m trying to keep up with the ongoing demand for more Rat Baby pictures. There are problems with that effort, however.

Lily and Laurel, the two little girls, are fast. I don’t just mean they move quickly – I mean it’s almost like they teleport from one part of the cage to the next. Pointing a camera at them when they’re moving yields mostly a blur, and that’s if you’re lucky.

I try to get pictures when they’re sleeping, with mixed results. This photo, for instance:

What was happening a moment before was the girls were sweetly snoozed out, with Lily using her sister’s rear end as a pillow. As soon as I opened the cage (I tried to do it quietly, but no luck), Lily got all excited and curious and wanting to see what Mom was doing.

I did manage, in the midst of her efforts, to get a few good photos.

Portrait of Lily

A Peaceful Laurel

The girls are growing rapidly, too. It’s only been a couple weeks, and we can see a visible difference in their size.

Lola remains annoyed, though she does seem to be relaxing a bit. On the other hand, I had the little ones out for a romp on my lap today. Lola watched closely the whole while. After I put Lily and Laurel back in their cage, I let Lola out for a turn.

She wandered a bit over me, sniffing all the way. Then she tucked down between my legs (I sit on my easy chair almost yoga-style, with my feet tucked under me – the space around my feet is a popular spot for the Ratties to tuck themselves), and let loose a huge pee right on the chair there.

Well! I guess she’s told them what belongs to who!

Knitting still gets overrun by gaming, though I am picking away at it bit by bit. EverQuest 2 is just so satisfying right now, it’s hard not to play. I still get my household chores done, and it’s not like any of the knitting is for deadlines (okay, there’s one charity bit I should get done soon), so I’m not too worried about it. Except that I know you like to see what I’m working on. It’ll come back, I promise.


Comment by Carrie K

August 5, 2008 @ 7:15 pm

Oh, Lola. Mom still loves you. Maybe not so much after that one. :0

The babies are cute!

Comment by Carol

August 6, 2008 @ 2:00 pm

Don’t worry, I take a bajillion pictures of my kitties to get one good one. I think that’s just the breaks of pet photography. Thank goodness for digital photographs! Hoo boy, I’m glad my kitties don’t pee on me when they get territorial. Usually Micha sits on Pagan’s head when she wants to take over my lap.

The Ratties are just as cute as ever.

Comment by Carrie K

August 8, 2008 @ 9:36 pm

So what did they get you for your birthday! Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed it yesterday.

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