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A Tale of Warning

Filed under: Mainely Rat Rescue,Rats! — folkcat at 4:06 pm on Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When every rat fostering counselor warns about how nippy rat moms can be; when the owner turning the rat family over to you shows you her own bite received from the mom; when blog readers who are also expert rat breeders offer excellent advice and cautions about rat bites from hormonal mothers; most smart people would listen, right?

I may not be as smart as I’ve led myself to believe.

Rat Bite Injury

I got careless and stupid last night fussing with something in Net-Net’s cage. I should have a) worn heavy leather gloves, b) moved Net-Net out of the main cage while I worked, or even c) left well enough alone and not fussed about exactly where some cage accessories were located.

Net-Net made a mighty leap and nailed my right middle finger right near the tip-most knuckle. I’ve got a half-inch gash on the side of the finger. Gryphon took me to the ER and we had it checked out. The splint will be necessary for a couple more days to keep the wound from re-opening.

At least I didn’t need stitches. Still, I feel very sheepish today. I had all this excellent advice from you, my friends in rattitude, all over the country, and I ignored it.

We can only hope I’ve learned my lesson now. And maybe this will be an object lesson to others who may also be dealing with a mother rat for the first time. Do as my expert advisors say, everyone – not as I do.

As for Net-Net, word is that she should start to become less hormonal over the next week or so. Still, I’m not going to take chances. The heavy leather gloves are sitting right next to the cage now.

I hope you’ll understand, then, that it may be a couple days before the next photos of the babies happen. That’s okay – by then, their eyes will be open, their colors and markings well developed, and they should just be oozing personality, charm, and sheer cuteness. It will be dripping from your monitor, I promise!

The Original Ratties

We’re not forgetting our original Rattie family in all the foster excitement. Lola, Leo, Yuri, Lily, and Laurel are all living happily together. Playtime usually involves all five of them coming to the door of the cage in one bunch, asking to be let out. I open the hatch, and five furballs of various sizes come tumbling out to romp under a blanket on my lap. It’s an experience like no other, and I love it.

Little Laurel has taken a particular liking to Lola, and tends to follow wherever the big girl goes, as you can see in this camera phone picture taken a few days ago.

Lola doesn’t seem to mind a bit!

More soon, but I’m sure you understand typing is a bit difficult right now. So don’t be surprised if I take a couple days off from the blog. Later!

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Comment by Carol

August 26, 2008 @ 8:15 pm

“they should just be oozing personality, charm, and sheer cuteness. It will be dripping from your monitor, I promise”

Just so long as it isn’t your blood oozing, it’ll be good! Patience is a virtue. I will tell myself that a few times…

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