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Ralph and Norton – Cuddly and Handsome

Filed under: Mainely Rat Rescue,Rats! — folkcat at 2:16 pm on Friday, September 12, 2008

The foster babies turned four weeks old yesterday. Net-Net, the foster mom rat, has gone back to her owner this afternoon. We also took the babies along in a separate carrier so Rebekah could meet them – when she turned the family over to us, the ratlets all still looked like little pink and gray grubs. As she exclaimed joyously today, “we made rats!”

Sometime in another week or two, the seven babies that have been spoken for will be moving on to their new families. We’ll miss them all so much, but we are very grateful that we’ve had a chance to be an important part of their growing up to be friendly, healthy rats.

At last word, the two boys, Ralph and Norton, are still looking for a forever home. These boys are a cuddly, sweet pair who would make anyone happy! Just take a look.

Ralph at Four Weeks

Ralph has become a strong, husky boy with pink eyes and wavy beige fur.

Ralph, His Brothers, and Ethel.

If Freestyle Sleeping were a Rattie Olympics sport, he’d take the gold medal. That’s Ralph’s nose and feet sticking up in the center of the rat pile – he clearly knows exactly how to stay comfortable and warm.

Norton at Four Weeks

Norton is a sleek-furred, dark-eyed, handsome boy with a single white stripe on his chest. He is intelligent, confident, and curious, with a calm demeanor. Once he figures out the latest puzzle – such as, “Where are the edges of this table, and can I get down?” – he settles down calmly and washes himself until the next puzzle comes along.

Norton and Ralph – Best Buddies

Like their namesakes on The Honeymooners, Ralph and Norton are as different as can be – but still the best of buddies, banding together in the face of uncertainty. That big ol’ cat back there doesn’t frighten them, so long as they have each other!

This picture shows the difference in their eye colors well – that’s dark-eyed Norton on the left, and pink-eyed Ralph on the right.

Norton Washes, Ralph Tries to Reach Me

When not seeking comfort from each other, both Norton and Ralph have figured out how to deal with new situations. As I said before, Norton figures it all out, then sits down to wash. Ralph, on the other hand, already knows that all good things come from people, so here he’s trying his best to come to me behind the camera.

What Does the Future Hold?

A happy, loving home, I’m sure! Ralph and Norton are a wonderful pair of cuddly buddies. Do they belong to you?

If you live in the New England area and are interested in adopting Ralph and Norton, please visit the Mainely Rat Rescue website. Just fill out the Adoption Application at the link on the sidebar, and let them know you’re interested in our boys. Or look around at all the other available animals, and see if someone else wins your heart – there are plenty of furry little friends to go around!


Comment by Carol

September 12, 2008 @ 4:44 pm

Naturally I had to run right over to see the new pics! Oooh, teh cutz!

Comment by Carrie K

September 14, 2008 @ 10:00 pm

Ralph and Norton! They even look like they’re singing in that last picture. Such cuties!

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