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There, I’ve done my bit.

I know I’ve been silent this week. Not much happening, to tell the truth.

Net-Net went home to her owner last Friday. The seven adopted babies moved on to their next foster homes on Sunday. I’ve had a report back that Alice and Ethel have made it to their final adoptive home yesterday, a 13-year old boy in Maine who already has one girl who needs company. Alice and Ethel are a perfect choice, they’re both friendly and eager to meet new companions.

Ralph and Norton are still with us. They’re five weeks old now, and can go to a good home anytime someone says, “Me!” They’re adorable, they love playing tickle tag with your hand. You wiggle your fingers around in the cage, and they come running under your hand to get tickled, then they run away quick and repeat the whole process. Ralph is the real cuddler, when you open the cage door he’s the first to come climb on you. He likes to tuck under your chin. Both he and Norton love getting snuggled and having their head and ears rubbed, they go into teeth bruxing bliss.

The “Perma-Ratties”, as the regular colony of furkids has come to be called, are doing well. Lily and Laurel have matured enough for Leo and Yuri to really like them, if you get my drift. (Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, say no more!) Lola is getting old enough that there’s some white on her muzzle now, but she’s in good health for a rat of 19 months. She and the little girls get along well enough, though occasionally there will be a little squabble when she feels she has to remind them that she’s the Matriarch here. All is quickly forgiven, though, and followed up with mutual grooming sessions.

There would be pictures today, except that I’ve been busily handling e-mails and phone calls regarding a new situation. We’re going to be adding two more fosters to the household today. Because they get so many requests to take surrendered rats already, it’s not inside Mainely Rat Rescue‘s normal scope to answer ads on Craig’s List, but they’re kindly supporting me on one that I took the initiative to contact yesterday.

A young woman – a girl, really – in a nearby town was given two pet rats as a so-called “joke” by a friend. She can’t have pets where she is, and doesn’t have the means to take care of them even if she did. Right now, these rattie girls are being kept in a clear Rubbermaid-style storage container. It’s only been a few days, but still, that’s a few days too long for that kind of housing.

Luckily, though young, this girl is responsible enough to know the rats need a real home. She posted on Craig’s List, and I’m making arrangements to collect the rats later.

Just one more example of how stupid some people can be about pets. This girl’s “friend” thought so little about rats as living beings that he used them as a “joke”. (I hope to learn more about the nature of the joke later.) The poster says she’s given her friend “a ration” about the “joke” – I told her I hope she never lets him forget it.

I also thanked her for being responsible enough to do what’s right for these rat girls. There should be no trouble finding a new home for Rita and Rosie. They have features that make them highly desirable “designer rats”. Both are grey in color – one is a self, one a berkshire. And both appear to have Dumbo ears and curly rex fur.

There will, of course, be pictures of the new girls as soon as I’m able. And once they’ve been settled in and carefully evaluated, they’ll be available for adoption through the Mainely Rat Rescue site.

I hope you all have a good weekend. Take a little time to give the animals in your life an extra hug or two, and if you can, help out your local shelter or pet rescue. Expenses are rising every day, and it just costs them more and more to help those animals in need.

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Comment by Carol

September 20, 2008 @ 6:17 pm

Livin ganimals are not “jokes” Argh that attitude really bugs me. I donate to my local shelter and when we decided to get a new kittie we rescued one. glad the girl is responsible!

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