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Ralph and Norton, More Handsome Every Day

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I know I’ve been absent, but we’re having a difficult time here. Gryphon has been ill, and the doctors are still trying to sort out what’s wrong. He’s been out of work. This has also put us in financial difficulty, so what energy doesn’t get devoted to doctors’ appointments winds up on putting out budgetary fires.

Aside from all that drama, life plods on.


There is little new to report with the Perma-Ratties. They continue to be cute and cuddly. Lily and Laurel are simply part of the crowd now. I’m beginning to think I should have named them Shasta and Faygo, though, they’re so fizzy and pop-able.

Lola shows some signs of slowing down. At age 1 year, 10 months, she’s earned the right. She appreciates it when we take her out of the cage for cuddle time without the young girls. On the other hand, she does keep pace with them well, making sure they know who’s the Queen Mother of the cage.

We tried something out a couple of weeks ago – giving all the rats hard-boiled eggs. They were popular with everyone, Perma-Ratties and Fosters alike. I tried to get pictures, but only managed one or two of the girls.

Lily and Laurel were content to share.

Laurel (l) and Lily, and the Egg

Lola knew the best way to keep the young’uns away from her portion was to go into a corner and turn her back on them. When you turn your back, you see, the other ratties don’t know you’re there.

Lola and the Egg – We’re Not Here

Foster Ratties

Ralph and Norton are eight weeks old today – can you believe it? They grow more handsome every day, and more cuddly. They are so eager for human contact that they plaster themselves to the cage wall nearest you almost every time you walk by.

Of course, if Ralph is sleeping in the hammock – and Ralph is almost always sleeping in the hammock – he doesn’t rush to judgment about reality just because footsteps come near. He will lift his head ever so slightly, and take a peek to see if it’s worth the effort to get out of bed.

What’s for breakfast?

Once they agree that good things are happening, Ralph and Norton both come running. A current favorite game is In & Out. To play, you simply climb in and out of the door. Repeatedly. The only rule seems to be that if you’re out, you’re supposed to run in, and vice-versa.

I’m not sure how you decide who wins.

Ralph comes out, while Norton runs in

When you’ve done the In & Out thing enough, the Out path gets extended to climbing on the nearest human. Once there, apparently, you’re still supposed to keep moving. Any appearance of stillness in these photos is a momentary illusion.

Ralph Looks Sweet

And you can see the fanciful curlicue whiskers he gets from his Rex genes. Norton, on the other hand…

Norton’s Amazing Long Whiskers

…Norton has long, straight, luxurious whiskers.

Ralph and Norton are friendly, curious, cuddly boys, who love attention and crave human contact.

Snuggle Time for Ralph and Norton
And They Love Each Other, Too.

Future Fosters

We’re likely to be getting a pair of girls this week, from the Mainely Rat Rescue shelter in Maine. Gabby and A.J. – I think that’s who we’ve been assigned – need some socializing. We’re told they don’t bite, but are not used to being picked up and handled, and they’re shy. So they need to be taught about the good things that come when you let humans into your circle. I think we can do that!


Comment by Carol

October 9, 2008 @ 9:21 pm

Gryphon is ill??! Oh noes! Any direction on what is wrong? Even if they haven’t pinned it down yet? That totally sucks.

The Ratties are filling an imprtant role in your life. Filling your happy pot. That’s what we call it. when we are sad, our happy pot is empty…I know it’s silly, but it makes me giggle….

Laughter is the opposite. Your happy pot overflows…

May your happy pot overflow soon!

Comment by Kat with a K

October 10, 2008 @ 9:46 am

I hope Gryphon is better soon. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help – are you able to get to the store and such? I know you’ve been not feeling well either…

Comment by Marlena

October 10, 2008 @ 10:57 am

My rats LOVE hard boiled egg, but I never thought to give it to them in the shell! Thanks, both from me AND the rats, who I’m sure are going to love their new game. 🙂

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