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Color Inspiration Comes From Everywhere

Filed under: Crafting Miscellany,Retired - Folkcat's Fiber Crafts — folkcat at 4:19 pm on Sunday, May 29, 2005

These are a set of clips I bought at Target. I thought the colors were really interesting together. They didn’t photograph well, I’m afraid.

I thought I’d make a needlefelted bowl from these colors, so here are the wools I picked out:

I started laying the colors into my bowl blank and came up with a design I’m calling “retro flower”. It reminded me of some of the geometric flower-like graphics on some decor designs, anywhere from the late 50’s into the 70’s.

When I have finished working a piece with the main colors I’ve chosen, I usually find that I want to add some accent color that makes the whole thing pop. Sometimes the first impression is that this accent color doesn’t really go with the other colors at all. But I find that, to my taste at least, the accent color usually turns an okay design into a pow! design.

In this case, the accent was a bright color called “orangina”, in a yarn from Patons called “Divine”. This is a soft, bulky weight yarn that’s 79.5% acrylic, 18% mohair, and 2.5% polyester. It has a fuzzy texture like any mohair yarn, though, and that’s how I was able to needlefelt it in and make it stick.

I’m pleased with the result. One of the lessons I’ve learned from this is to carry my camera everywhere with me. You never know when color inspiration will appear in front of you. I spotted a pair of cars in interesting colors parked in adjacent spaces the other day, and I wish I’d had the camera with me then…

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