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Brynn’s Babies – In Your FACE!

Filed under: Mainely Rat Rescue,Rats! — folkcat at 6:36 pm on Thursday, January 15, 2009

The babies are sixteen days old today, Thursday. They opened their eyes late on their two-week birthday on Tuesday. Yay!

Here’s what they look like when they’re looking back at you. Yes, YOU. Each of these little ratlets is peering deep into your soul and saying, “Love me! Take me home!”

For the best, most heart-wrenching effect, do click through on the images for the full-size version. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Dom, Beige Hooded Male

Dom is turning out to be a husky little bundle of love. He can usually be found near the top of the baby pile when they’re sleeping, but he’s not shy about burrowing under his siblings if he wants to feel ultra-cozy.

On his back, there’s a small peninsula jutting out from his hood, with an island just off the tip.

Asti, Beige Hooded Male

There’s one in every bunch – Asti is the most daring explorer in the litter. For several days now, if you saw a single ratlet wandering far from the nest, sure enough, it’s always Asti.

On Asti’s back, the sea of white makes a small, pointed inlet into his hood, while the island spots form a thin, curving archipelago.

Korbel, Beige Hooded Male

Korbel is a snuggly lovebug. When you skritch his head and neck, he raises his nose to the sky and starts working his mouth like he’s nursing. He really loves it!

The fur down Korbel’s head and neck forms a bit of a cowlick in the center. He has a little inlet in his hood as well, with a larger group of islands.

Tattinger, Beige Hooded Male

Tattinger is another husky boy. He’s our precocious watcher – his were the first eyes I saw open in the litter on Tuesday evening.

Tattinger’s markings are almost more like a continent, with a few tiny islands scattered around one large spot.

Champagne, Platinum Hooded Female

Champagne is a cute little flirt. She pretends to be shy, but really likes playing and snuggling. As with Asti, there’s one in every bunch – Champagne is the baby most likely to lick my hand all over when I hold her! After Tattinger, she was the second to open her eyes.

Her platinum color gives her a softer look that sets her apart from her beige siblings. Her spots form a crescent-shaped island grouping down her spine.

Clairette, Beige Hooded Female

Clairette almost looks like she’s laughing at the camera! She’s a lively explorer and snuggly baby.

And wriggly! I had to hold her pretty securely to get this photo of her back. Her spots are interesting – a pair attached to the hood at the top, several others scattered near her rump. I still think the larger one on her rump looks like a maple leaf!

Perignon, Beige Hooded Female

Perignon is turning out to be an explorer, like her brother Asti. She’s a chubby-faced little wriggler!

She has a little notch of white in the base of her hood. Below that is a long string of spots. Since her markings developed, I’ve had a fantasy in my head that, if you turn her to face to the right, the spots are her name, written out in pen and then badly smudged.

Chardonnay, Beige Hooded Female

Chardonnay is another little flirt. She can often be found snuggling into the middle of the baby pile – or climbing over the top of it!

The base of her hood is shaped like a graceful, inverted “V”, with a pair of spots lower on her back.

As a Whole

Overall, the babies are coming along rapidly! They have taken to humans very nicely – when I handle them, they often voluntarily climb onto my palm and snuggle up to sleep there. Same thing if I lay them on my chest – they crawl under my sweater collar along my neck and snooze.

They come to the sound of my voice when I talk to them. These kids aren’t going to be people shy at all!

We moved them into a larger cage on Monday. Brynn finally decided the babies belonged on the third, top floor, and moved them all up there. We’re offering a shallow dish of soy formula for everyone now, and a little pile of dry kitten food. Some of the babies found their own way down to the main food dishes on the second floor, and have been nibbling at the Red Mill grains and chopped fruits and vegetables.

It’s interesting to see how different this litter is from Net-Net’s. Net-Net’s babies were hyper enough they were climbing the walls to the ceiling of the cage two days before their eyes even opened. Brynn’s babies seem to love the companionship of the nest so much, they don’t venture far from it. Most of the time, that is. I suspect after the wandering I saw today, that’s going to start changing. Poor Brynn! She seems conflicted about the babies wandering off. I spotted her finding a baby far from the nest a couple of times this afternoon. She would get agitated, and pick them up, only to just swing around 180 degrees and put them down again rather than take them back to the nest.

Her babies are growing, and she wants them to still be babies! But she wants them to grow up and leave her! But – no, they’re her babies! It’s a universal issue of motherhood, I imagine!

If you want to Adopt:

Whether you want one of Brynn’s babies shown above, or any of the other – five? six? I think it may be seven! – litters currently available from Mainely Rat Rescue, just visit MRR’s main site at: www.mainelyratrescue.org. They have a well-designed and orderly website that makes it easy to see all their Available Animals, as well as to find adoption information and applications.

Hurry! These babies are so cute, we already have people inquiring about them!


Comment by Carol

January 15, 2009 @ 7:33 pm

Clairette and Korbel are my favorite piss. That is as close as I will get though. Having 3 cats makes my house just a titch rodent unfriendly. But they do all look adorable and hopefully will have homes soon!

Comment by Valerie in San Diego

January 16, 2009 @ 2:10 am

Ooh, the cuteness!!!

Comment by Arondelle

January 17, 2009 @ 11:44 am

My first reaction up scrolling down to Dom’s picture was “Doh!”

OMGs, they are adorable.

Comment by Sarebear

January 23, 2009 @ 2:29 am

oh my . . . . the smiling, laughing, personable, playing hard to get, just dahling, oh so sweet, and the chubby faced ohhh the are just SO!!!

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