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I know, I know – I’ve been conspicuously absent from this blog. Well, I’m here now, and ready to bring you up to date!

Things have been busy here. A couple of Sundays ago, we had the Great Rat Baby Exchange, passing along babies from Brynn’s litter who were destined for other foster homes, and collecting a little girl from another litter, Persephone, who would be paired with Perignon for adoption.

Perignon and Persephone

That’s our Perignon on the left, and Persephone on the right. ‘Seph, as we came to call her, looks like a Pink-Eyed White (PEW) rat, but she’s almost certainly going to grow into Siamese markings. Right now, she’s a lovely cream color, with soft pink eyes. I used to be put off by the appearance of PEWs, but now that I’ve met a rat who, at least for now, is one, I actually find them quite attractive.

Peri and ‘Seph didn’t stay for long. Even before we brought Persephone home, an adoption was in the works for these girls. This past Sunday, one week after ‘Seph came to stay with us, we delivered the pair to a delightful 11-year old girl. Their new human is already head over heels in love with these little ratties. Their new names are Ginger (Peri), and Nutmeg (‘Seph). Which are so darned cute I wish I’d thought of them! I just might have to go to the spice rack for the next litter I raise.

Over the last week, we also delivered the remaining members of Brynn’s family, including Brynn herself, to their new homes. Everyone was just thrilled with them, and I am getting regular e-mails and photos telling me how well they’re doing. We made some people very happy, with Brynn’s help!

In other news, I’ve been stepping up in my role with Mainely Rat Rescue. I’m in training to become an adoption counselor. I think I’ve reached the probationary period – they had me make first contact with a potential adopter for the first time last night! If this pans out, I’ll be right on the front lines, so to speak, helping people who love rats connect with the rats who need them most.

I’m also operating a Twitter feed for Mainely Rat Rescue. I’ll be providing links to featured rats for adoption, newly available rats, and perhaps unknown features of the MRR website. If you’d like to keep in touch with what’s going on at MRR, you can follow the Twitter user @MaineRatRescue and get all the news. (www.twitter.com)

On the subject of our personal health – Gryphon finally got to see a neurologist last week, who agreed that he does have a neurological issue. There are a few possibilities – none of the options include cancer or such, thank goodness. He’ll be undergoing some testing soon to rule out possibilities.

And then there’s the Seven Little Ratties. They seem much pleased by the gradual disappearance of all those strangers in the cage next door. Lola particularly has been demanding extra time with her humans – I often look over to the cage to find her laying on the shelf closest to me, with her nose stuffed into the space between the bars, and gazing longingly in my direction. At which point I always laugh, open the door, and take her out for a snuggle.

Lola is happy. She has me well trained!


Comment by Karen in Wichita

February 11, 2009 @ 6:16 pm

When I was a kid, my sister got a pet mouse… as a reward for doing something I was excluded from. Whether by accident or design, she chose the largest white mouse, which she named Sugar.

Who promptly littered, of course.

Sugar got informally renamed “Mom Mouse,” and the kids (seven, I think) were Ginger and Nutmeg and so forth. Only one survived: Cinnamon.

Despite the natural pairing of the names “Sugar” and “Cinnamon,” they were “Mom” and “Cinnamon” as long as I can remember. This led to some awkwardness when I decided I was old enough to quit calling my mother “Mommy” but I couldn’t call her “Mom” because that was a mouse.

Comment by Valerie in San Diego

February 12, 2009 @ 9:08 pm

I’m thrilled that you are going to be an adoption counselor. You well understand the needs of little ratties and have so much experience now. What a wonderful gift to give to the rats and to the people adopting them 🙂

I love Karen in Wichita’s “Mom & Cinnamon” story. that’s a classic!

Comment by Theresa

February 13, 2009 @ 1:47 pm

I cannot wait to bring Chardonnay and Carina home! Carina’s sister, who was also a platinum, is now looking very much beige from updated photos. I wonder if both of them will end up being beige?

Comment by Chasy

February 14, 2009 @ 10:41 pm

The picture of Perignon makes me go “aw!” because she looks so much like Korbel and Asti. 🙂 Did I tell you that I can tell them apart a lot easier now? Korbel has developed some beige markings at the base of his tail and his “stripe” is very noticeably thicker than Asti’s. How long do rats markings “change” before they’re done? Is it for the duration of the rat’s growth?

Comment by Carol

February 16, 2009 @ 11:34 am

I am so glad Gryphon is on the mend. or at least has a direction. That is totally scary when you know something just ain’t right and have no idea which way to go…

So now you are a counsellor , eh? What does that entail?

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