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Not So Beady a Day

Filed under: Beading - Confessions of a Chantraphile — folkcat at 10:13 pm on Friday, August 26, 2005

It’s Not Usually This Bad

Now isn’t that a stylish-looking way to start a blog post?

That’s my bed in the picture. Unmade. I really never make it. I figure, who’s going to see it except Gryphon, and he’d darn well better have something else in mind than “gee, the bed isn’t made” – right?

I decided, after enjoying making the beaded stitch markers so much, that I should look through the findings I had left after closing the store and assess what I really have to work with. That’s what you see, all over the bed.

Findings. Mostly goldplate, because the silver went like wildfire.

Actually, it’s pretty amazing that the small pile you’re looking at is all that was left when we finished the “Going Out of Business” sale. Word spread fast, and people came in droves to stock up while they could.

Still, it’s something to work with. I’ve got eyepins, and some styles of clasps, and I’ve got lots of crimp tubes.

And some of this stuff is surplus, or styles that I just don’t work with personally. Which is what finally spurred me to set up my first listing to sell on eBay.

Nothing fancy – just some of the good quality safety pins we sold at the store. In fact, here’s the picture.safety pin assortment.jpg
Safety Pins – 2 Sizes, 2 Finishes

Safety pins, you’re saying? At a bead store?

Yes, well….it all started when I bought some Xena, Warrior Princess costume pieces on eBay. Specifically, beaded objects that I could display at the bead store as a tie-in with the Wilton Film Festival.

One of the pieces was this safety-pin bracelet.
Authentic Wardrobe from Xena

Yes, safety pins. In a fantasy show that takes place somewhere around the first few decades after Christ’s birth.

Think “low-budget”. Think “hundreds of extras”. Think “cheap”. Think “good enough for the camera”.

That final point was the main one I discussed in my store’s newsletter when I wrote about the bracelet. It’s a point about television and movie costuming that a lot of people don’t really understand, or are even aware of. Sometimes, shortcuts are taken when it’s not something that’s going to be very visible on screen.

In the case of the safety pin bracelet, I figure that, on an extra’s arm in the background somewhere, this probably looked like crude silver inset with amethyst.

Good enough for the camera.

I never got around to creating a project sheet to tell people how to make their own version of the Warrior Princess Safety Pin Bracelet. But if anyone’s interested, I could probably work out the instructions well enough to post here. Just let me know.

Whew….”not so beady a day,” she said. Just goes to show that a beader can always find a way to talk about beads if they give themselves half a chance!

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