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Taking Advantage of Small Breaks in Weather…

Filed under: Folkcat & Gryphon's Geocaching Adventures,Retired - Folkcat's Fiber Crafts — folkcat at 3:25 pm on Tuesday, May 31, 2005

With the sheer quantity of rain we’ve had in recent weeks, that’s the way you have to do anything outside.

Bill and I have recently developed an interest in geocaching, an outdoor activity that is like mini-treasure hunts. Thousands of people have hidden caches (small containers) all over the world, and they will post the coordinates for their cache, and perhaps some hints for finding it. Those who want to go hunting plug those coordinates into a GPS unit (such as the Garmin eTrex), and follow the arrow on the screen to locate the treasure.

We’d been eager to set off on our first geocaching adventure, but the rain and cold have made it nearly impossible. Finally, we just decided we’d have to watch the weather every few hours and see if we couldn’t find a small window of opportunity. That chance came on Sunday, May 29th.

A lovely day for geocaching – for a couple hours!

I won’t reveal details about where we went, just in case any of you get the geocaching bug yourself and want to try to find this one. It’s called the Microchip Microcache. “Microcache” means it’s a very small container; “Microchip” refers to the contents of this particular container. Inside this cache one finds a small bundle of paper that serves as a journal to log your visit on, and a set of different types of memory cards and sticks. The owner of this cache requests that visitors use one of these items in their digital camera, PDA, or whatever device they have with them that is compatible, and leave on the card some record of their visit. That could be a picture, a text document, or anything that can be recorded in that fashion.

Bill signs us in at the Microchip Microcache.

So, Bill signed us into the log, then we took turns taking pictures of each other. One set for the cache chip, and one set for us. I snapped him signing the log book, and he took a picture of me doing my best to look like a girl on a game show showing off prizes.

Follow the coordinates correctly, and you could win
a visit to this lovely plastic can!

Less than an hour later, the rain had begun, hard and heavy and accompanied by lightning and thunder. The important thing is, though, we finally got a start on a new hobby that we can do together, and that makes me actually WANT to get outside hiking and walking. Imagine that!

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