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LIVE, Thursday, July 21, 2005 – The Milford Memory Box – GCPQNY

Filed under: Folkcat & Gryphon's Geocaching Adventures — folkcat at 7:35 am on Thursday, July 21, 2005

It’s here, everyone – we have hidden our first geocache! It’s called The Milford Memory Box, and the full description as it appears at www.geocaching.com is shown below. To visit the listing at www.geocaching.com, go here.

One detail that’s not mentioned at www.geocaching.com – we were fortunate to obtain a very, very, special First to Find prize for this box! The Toadstool Bookshop in Lorden Plaza has donated a $20 gift certificate to the Milford Memory Box. Whoever gets there first, gets to keep it!

Short Description:

The cache is located at N 42° 50.182′, W 071° 39.032′. General parking can be found in the vicinity of N 42 50.128, W 071 38.979, just a short walk away. If you decide to walk around town a little, keep in mind there is a 2-hour parking limit here.

For handicapped access to the cache site without a time limit, park at N 42° 50.238′, W071° 39.067′. This is the parking lot at the local Masonic lodge, but it is also the handicapped parking for this location.

Long Description:

Imagine a walk in a peaceful wood. You stop to rest a moment, and suddenly you hear soft voices speaking to you, telling their memories. A warm feeling washes over you as you feel connected to others who have passed this way before. You begin to speak your own memory to the trees, leaving it for the next to hear.

The Milford Memory Box is a place for sharing memories. You’ll find it in a relatively unknown, but beautiful, piece of woods in a park near downtown Milford, NH. The location is also used for public concerts and, as we found today, occasionally for weddings and other special events, but the cache is well away from the open space. Still, be mindful of muggles out for a stroll.

The box is a Rubbermaid Servin’Saver Plus container. Inside you’ll find a log book and a 4×6 photo album. The collection of pictures and postcards is the point of the box, and pictures should not be removed by geocachers. Rather, please add a picture of your own to the album, if you like, and write a story on the back of the picture to share the memory with others. Don’t forget to take the time to view the memories of others – that’s part of the magic.

Memories shared could be a picture of a party, a loved one, a childhood home, a postcard of favorite teen hangout – anything that you remember, and want to tell others about. I’ve started the photo album with pictures of some scenes that I consider special. While it’s called the Milford Memory Box, the memories don’t have to be from Milford – they just have to be special to you.

With your permission, I will be sharing the memories collected through my geocaching blog, Folkcat & Gryphon’s Geocaching Adventures. Important: Please e-mail me through the geocaching website with your contact information so that I may confirm your permission to share your memories this way. For security reasons, please do not leave your contact information in the box. Occasionally, again only with your permission, we may also offer a memory to the local newspaper, the Milford Cabinet to publish in their weekly edition.

If you wish to find this cache without sharing a memory, that’s perfectly welcome. The opportunity to share in the memories others have left, as well as this lovely woods, are worth the visit. Do, please, sign the log book. And feel free to leave trinkets or Travel Bugs to pass on

Besides the photo album, I’m starting this box with the following trade items: a wind-up alien; a genuine fake emerald ring; a mama bear/baby bear pin; some pencils. Please keep your trade items small, there isn’t a lot of room here, though it could accommodate small Travel Bugs as well.

As our first cache hide, this box will always be a special memory for us. We hope it will become a part of your memories, too.

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