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A Cucumber in Search of a Purpose

Filed under: Folkcat & Gryphon's Geocaching Adventures — folkcat at 8:02 pm on Sunday, August 7, 2005

Some time ago, I posted about the first travel bug we picked up – Larry the Cucumber is still with us today, even though we retrieved him on July 3rd, and you’re supposed to wait no longer than two weeks at most to release travel bugs again.

As I mention in that previous post, Larry’s mission was long since done with, and he was wandering aimlessly. I thought it would be nice to find out if his owners had an idea for a new mission to assign him.

I contacted them through the geocaching website, and waited. No response. I studied his owners’ profile, and it appears that they may have drifted away from geocaching. They haven’t logged into the website since February, and they haven’t logged a cache find since 2003.

Larry hangs around my desk, awaiting his fate

I e-mailed again after about two weeks, asking again about a new mission, and adding that, if they have left geocaching, I’d be interested in adopting him. I said if I didn’t hear from them by the end of July, I’d contact Groundspeak to request exactly that.

It’s now a week into August, and I’ve heard nothing from Larry’s owners. And so, I’ve just sent off an e-mail to Groundspeak, outlining all that I’ve just told you about.

When I asked Larry what he thought about all this, he responded, “Have you seen my hairbrush?” I wonder if that means he expects to be here a while!

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