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A Sad Story – Larry to Officially Remain an Orphan

Filed under: Folkcat & Gryphon's Geocaching Adventures — folkcat at 2:23 pm on Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Well, I’ve had my reply back from Groundspeak, and while it makes complete sense to me the way they explained it, it’s still disappointing:

Hello Jenny

Thanks for the email, but I’m afraid we do not own the Travel Bugs and

thus cannot transfer ownership to you. Travel Bugs are purchased from

Groundspeak and become property of the cacher who paid for them. Only that

person can assign ownership to someone else.

As I say, I can fully understand this position. It does mean, however, that Larry has become something of an orphan, effectively fending for himself. We’ll be releasing him back into the wild sometime this weekend. I’ll post here when it’s happened.

Meanwhile, Larry’s been making himself comfortable during his stay:

Larry hangs out with my sock in progress

I’ll no doubt watch Larry’s listing after we send him along. I’ve grown attached to the little guy, and I want to make sure he’s okay out there.

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