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Hello, Larry – Good-bye, Larry; and Geocaching Slow-Down

Filed under: Folkcat & Gryphon's Geocaching Adventures — folkcat at 9:18 pm on Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gryphon and I released Larry the Cucumber Travel Bug into the Milford Memory Box Saturday. We’ve had a pleasant visit with Larry while he stayed here, but I think even he was ready to move on. As we placed him in the box, he said “Oookaaaaay!”

Larry, it’s been nice knowing you. Happy travels!

Meanwhile, we’ve had difficulty finding enough time to go geocaching. Gryphon’s truck sprung a leak in the brake line, and he’s been working on that for the last two weekends. He fixed the first part of the line, but that forced a weak spot in another part to become a leak, and so on.

So, our geocache hunts are on hold for the moment, due to practical necessity. We’ll get back out there as soon as we can, though!

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