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Filed under: Retired - The Life & Times of a Winged Cat — folkcat at 7:37 pm on Friday, July 29, 2005

Through another blog, I found an interesting link to something called the Face Transformer. This is an interactive tool that lets you upload an image of a face, and apply transformations that do amazing things to it.

As an example, here’s what I did. I uploaded this picture of me:

Deer in the headlights – not my best look

and followed their instructions for cropping the image to my head, then marking the locations of the eyes and mouth. This is how they get the facial proportions right for the transformations they’re going to apply, which amount to morphing your image with other images stored in their database.

Several of the transformations are intended to show how you look at different ages: baby, child, teenager. Others show you as different ethnic groups, such as afro-carribean, east asian, or west asian.

My favorites were those that transformed your image based on famous painters’ styles. Here is how I’d look if painted by Botticelli, for instance:

Is that really me?

Isn’t that amazing? Hard to believe that’s the same picture I posted above. I liked the Botticelli so much, I converted it into an icon-sized graphic to use as my profile photo here at Blogger. I also printed one out at about 6 1/2″ x 7″ as a picture for my husband to frame, as I’m not likely to see such a nice image of myself for a long time.

While you’re at the Face Transformer website, you might consider participating in their experiments. The Face Transformer is actually a tool that the Perception Lab uses to create images for their experiments in how humans perceive human faces. They have a number of experiments in this perception right online for you to participate in. It’s anonymous, and you’re contributing to science from the comfort of your own computer chair. Check it out!

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