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Fibrous Frustrations and Frantic Frogging

Filed under: Knitting,Retired - Folkcat's Fiber Crafts — folkcat at 12:31 am on Tuesday, July 5, 2005

I’ve been knitting away this week. In fits and starts, anyway.

I know I posted that Sock Experiment 4 (SE4) had begun – a toe up sock from Cool Socks, Warm Feet by Lucy Neatby. Thing is, I got about an inch past the toe before deciding I didn’t like how it was coming out.

So I frogged it.

I picked out one of my other yarns, the blue/green blotchy one that SE1 had been done in, and toyed with making the Mermaid Socks from Cool Socks, Warm Feet. Cast on, knit about 4 rows.


Decided I might just go back to the yarns that both SE1 and SE2 had been knit in, and simply make myself pairs of Simply Splendid Socks in every yarn I had so far.

Frogged SE1 and SE2, since I wouldn’t be able to knit a complete pair of either colorway without the yarn in the experimental socks.

Started to knit a pair of Simply Splendid Socks, and felt that “been here, done that, want to do something different” feeling.


Knit the miniature version of the mermaid sock. Didn’t frog it.

Tried to figure out how to change the spiral-rib stitch in the mermaid sock so it spirals the other way (it seems backwards to me the way it’s written). Thought I had it. Knit about 2 inches of a full-size mermaid sock before deciding it really, really wasn’t going to twist the direction I wanted.


Made myself start a Simply Splendid Sock yesterday. Have knit about 10 rounds so far.

Haven’t frogged yet, but I make no promises for tomorrow.

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