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Books/Fiber/Crochet/Patterns: Crochet With Wire

Filed under: Folkcat's Craft Library — folkcat at 9:12 pm on Thursday, August 18, 2005

Title: Crochet With Wire
Author: Wiseman, Nancie M.
Publisher: Interweave Press
Copyright: 2005

Additional Categories: Books/Beadwork/Wire/Patterns; Books/Wire/Patterns

This is really a cross-over book, being that it will appeal to both crocheters looking to branch out from their usual yarns, and beaders who want new ways to use wire. It’s a small volume (88 pages, 6″ x 7.25″), but jam-packed with ideas for projects.

Crochet with wire is really no different than crochet with thread or yarn. It’s just that the material you’re using needs to be handled differently. You don’t want to wrap it around your finger to tension it, for instance – you’re likely to either cut into your finger or break the wire.

The projects in this book range from jewelry to fashion accessories to home decor. There are many designs for bracelets and necklaces, both with and without beads. For those into something more sculptural, there are four patterns for boxes and baskets that will give ideas for working in three dimensions.

Others have written about working with wire and beads; others have covered the subject of crochet with beads. This is the first book to really focus exclusively on that exact combination, and to explore what it means when wire is the crochet medium.

Recommended for anyone in beading or crochet who wants some inspiration with a twist.

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