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Books/Fiber/Knitting/Patterns: Knitting With Wire

Filed under: Folkcat's Craft Library — folkcat at 5:41 pm on Monday, August 22, 2005

Title: Knitting With Wire
Author: Wiseman, Nancie M.
Publisher: Interweave Press
Copyright: 2005

Additional Categories: Books/Beadwork/Wire/Patterns; Books/Wire/Patterns

Like her other book published at the same time, Crochet With Wire, Nancie M. Wiseman has created a comprehensive study of how to use knitting techniques with wire in a surprisingly small book.

If anything, this book is even better than the Crochet book. Nancie shows knitting with wire on ordinary knitting needles, of course. But then she goes on to explore using an ancient technique called Viking Knitting, which was actually used in ancient times to create chains from wire. Viking knitting mostly resembles our knitting needle knitting in finished result – it looks like a standard, but twisted, stockinette stitch – but is created by “stitching” the wire as if it were threaded into an eyed needle, interlocking it with earlier rounds of loops as you create a mesh tube.

Finally, Nancie shows how to use wire to knit on a knitting machine, which produces large, even pieces of knitting fairly quickly. The scarves shown on the cover of the book were created by machine.

This is another of my many books that I haven’t done any projects from yet, but it intrigues me every time I pick it up. I’m sure at some point I will start casting wire onto my knitting needles – or dig out my Sweater Machine and start working off some of the stash of Artistic Wire I’ve built up.

Recommended for anyone who can’t get enough of knitting, and wants to find innovative new tricks to do with it!

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