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Books/Fiber/Paper/Decoupage/How-To: Take Silk

Filed under: Folkcat's Craft Library — folkcat at 8:15 pm on Monday, August 29, 2005

A Guide to Silk "Paper" for the Creative Fiber ArtistTitle: Take Silk
Author: Pinnell, Judith
Publisher: Milner Craft Series
Copyright: 2001

This is a book that was only recently given to me as a gift, and I haven’t had much opportunity yet to evaluate it. Let me, then, offer you instead some quotes from the Introduction by author Judith Pinnell:

Silk ‘Paper’

The process of making the silk ‘paper’ is simple and results in a colourful and lustrous substrate from which you can create a myriad of exciting projects.

As I work predominantly with a sewing machine, I have aimed to interest and excite machine embroiderers. However, if you love rich colours, the feel of silk and have a desire to create, then silk ‘paper’ is for you. Both traditional and hand embroiderers will find plenty to interest them; to experiment on, using rich threads and other accessories; with which to create two- and three-dimensional pieces that are completely original.

Raw silk is processed and sold in many forms. Unspun dyed silk or silk ‘tops’ are strong and yield the best results for making silk ‘paper’. Using these and a simple forming process, you can create a substrate (base material) with many of the characteristics of both paper and felt, and with the rich lustre that only silk can produce.

The book describes a process that uses silk fiber, and falls somewhere between felting, papier mache, and collage. With the instructions given, one can make a material somewhat like paper, somewhat like felt, that can be stitched, glued, embroidered, and sculpted.

Recommended for fiber artists who are looking for a new direction, or for those timid of fiber arts who want something easy, yet very versatile.

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