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Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 7:21 pm on Friday, October 21, 2005

Socktoberfest Update

Sock Experiment 5 (SE5) is moving along rapidly. Sensational Knitted Socks is proving to be an excellent book. The instructions for the basic top-down sock with heel flap are a bit different than the Simply Splendid Socks from Cool Socks, Warm Feet, but the differences are good ones.

The heels are turned with a few short rows – but many fewer rows than the Simply Splendid Socks, and worked in such a way that you don’t do any wraps, but you don’t get holes! The sides of the heel flap are done in a narrow band of garter stitch, which made picking up the stitches for the gusset a breeze – and no holes here, either! Finally, at the top of the gusset on either side, you’re actually instructed to pick up two additional stitches. This eliminates the holes that often occur there, but which aren’t accounted for by most sock patterns I’ve seen.

I’m still glad I have both books. Each one has tips, techniques, and sock part instructions that the other doesn’t. I’m probably going to mix-and-match techniques from each in the future. But right now, Sensational Knitted Socks is a winner.

At this moment, except for a meal break a while ago, and the time I’ve spent working on this blog entry, I’ve been knitting steadily for at least 4 1/2 hours. (You know that feeling you get when the work has been flowing so well you lost yourself in it, then you finally stop for whatever reason and you feel like you’re coming out of a fog? That’s how good this knitting session has been.) The first sock is half done (heel turned, working on the gusset). I’ve tried it on and the fit seems good. I didn’t take a picture, though, because I’m approaching the part where the fit could go bad on me, and there’s too much of a chance that anything I showed you would have to be frogged. So rather than show a photo of false promise – no picture at all!

Wearable Hug News

Wearable Hug 12 (WH12), aka Bridgette, has found her new home. As I was approaching the end of the last skein of Homespun, I read something that made it clear to me who she belonged to, and the presentation was made last night. The energy that was knitted into Bridgette as she accompanied me on many Knitting Around and Extreme Knitting adventures was entirely appropriate for the recipient – the spirit of fun, of good food, of natural beauty, and of bridging a time of transition.

The karmic blessing was given when I made the presentation, and the giftee told me that her confirmation name was, of all things – Bridgette.

24 hours later, I’m still getting a shiver when I think of that.

I’ll be focusing on SE5 for a while – I’m trying to complete a pair by the end of Socktoberfest, after all! So WH13 will have to wait a bit to cast-on. Given the way fate plays a hand in the Wearable Hugs, however, I’m sure that’s quite all right.

Oh, and no, I’m not going to skip over number “13” as bad luck – there are many people for whom “13” is good luck, and I’m sure that will be important to whomever WH13 is meant for!

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