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Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 6:14 pm on Thursday, October 27, 2005

Boring title, I know. They can’t all be gems.

Truth is, I’m not feeling gem-like today. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling a growing sense of day-to-day sameness. Gryphon and I get up, we figure out if there are errands to do, we do them, he goes to work, I sit and knit and watch TV until he gets home. Since it’s past midnight by then, we talk a few minutes about what to expect the next day, then go to bed.

There are some breaks in the routine. We may go out on a weekend to find a Knitting Around opportunity. On Tuesday evenings, the Craft Goddesses come for craft circle night at my house. Once a month, the eats, knits, and leaves knitting group meets at the local bookstore.

But the rest of the time, I’m mostly just home, knitting, watching TV, and taking a break now and then to write a blog entry.

I don’t really have any friends of the “call them up and hang out a while” sort. All my friends have family activities – kids’ sports, play rehearsals, driving other family members around, and more – nearly every night of the week. Which is a good thing.

I can think of things to do by myself – hang out at a coffee shop, go to a movie, take a class somewhere. But those things cost money, and Gryphon and I just don’t have any to spare. We may have to shut off the porch light and hide this coming Monday, because I don’t think we can afford to buy Halloween candy to hand out for trick-or-treat. Being right in downtown Wilton like we are – and mere blocks from the elementary school – we usually get a hundred or so kids on Halloween night. This year, we’ll just have to pretend we’re not home. I hate that.

I feel trapped in the house. I feel depressed. I try to lose myself in my knitting and TV, and it works for a while. But every now and then you can’t help but remember what your situation is.

Market Squares Bag – WIP Report

Now that I’ve managed to depress you as much as I’m depressed, if you haven’t gone and unsubscribed from the blog, I’m actually ready to fill you in on my knitting.

I’m still enjoying work on the entre-lac bag. It’s knitted in “tiers”, as they call them. Tier One was the blue triangles, Tier Two the yellow squares. I’m currently about two-thirds of the way through Tier Three, which are green squares. The next Tier will be in a bright pink color not unlike the hassock I’ve photographed the bag on here.

Market Squares Bag WIP Picture
Market Squares Bag Progress Photo
I don’t remember how many tiers there are, but I think we cycle through the five colors at least twice.

I’m getting better at picking up the stitches, as you can see below. The only places where the previous tier colors come through a tiny bit are where you knit a stitch from the current square with one from the tier below to join them. That shows most in this picture on the bottom right edges of the yellow squares – you can just see some blue peeking through.

Market Squares Bag - Tier Three Detail
Market Squares Bag – Detail
I like the diagonal basketweave effect of the entre-lac knitting. I can definitely see myself using this technique again, and even knitting more of this same bag in different colors of yarn. The book the pattern came from, Bags: A Knitter’s Dozen shows some examples that use a single colorway of variegated yarn for all squares. You get a subtle look that way. It might also be fun to do two or three consecutive tiers in the same color, to get wider zig-zag bands (and less of a harlequin look).

The harlequin look that I’m getting with all these bright colors, though, makes me wonder if I could get this to work in a hat. I’ve been playing in my head with a concept for knitting a proper jester’s hat, with three floppy points on top and everything. If I can incorporate the entre-lac knitting into that…..hmmm…

Tonight’s Plan

I think I’m going to try really, really hard to pull myself out of this rut at least a little bit. A couple of weeks ago, I met a friend at Santos-Dumont (a local coffee shop) for the first time, and we hung out knitting for a while. I’ve been trying to decide ever since if I have it in me to go do that alone – just get a nice big mug of tea, and hang out knitting and people-watching.

It’s stepping way outside of the box for me, outside of my comfort zone. But that comfort zone has become so small these days as to feel constricting. I have to do something.

If anyone within the sound of this voice is in the Milford, NH area after about 7 p.m. tonight, and wants to drop in at Santos-Dumont and hang out with me….feel free to come by.

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Comment by Pamela

October 28, 2005 @ 12:54 pm

I would come and hang out, I love to people watch, but I live in California and I have two jobs so I work in the evening. I will be there in spirit.

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