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Halloween Goodness: Big Bunches of It

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 3:48 pm on Monday, October 31, 2005

The weather this weekend was better than it was prophesied to be, so Gryphon and I took the opportunity to go out Knitting Around. And we found a lot of it. I’ve got enough bloggable material to entertain you with all week.

In Search of Halloween

For today, we’ll focus on the Halloween elements. That’s what’s timely, after all.

Our first goal on Saturday was to capture a taste of Halloween. We began our quest at Lull Farm on Route 13 South, Milford, NH.

Lull Farm, Milford, NH
Oh, Good! We Were Looking to See Pumpkins!
This was a good place to start. Lull Farm grows a variety of unusual pumpkin types, in addition to the standard orange ones you can carve and cook with.

There was little or no ceremony to the presentation of the goods – just massive heaps of the gourds everywhere.

Red Pumpkins, Warty Pumpkins, Ghost Pumpkins
A Heap of Pumpkins – Red, White, Warty, and Wheel-Shaped
Lull Farm was getting ready for their annual Jack o’Lantern display. Last year, they lit 608 carved pumpkins on Halloween. This year, they hope to beat that record.

Gryphon in the Distance, Behind a Huge Array of Carved Pumpkins
A Growing Collection of Jack O’Lanterns – Will They Beat Last Year?
They were well on their way towards that goal on Saturday. A patch at the back of the nursery lot was set aside for the finished pieces, and they had already accumulated a large number. To give a sense of perspective – that’s Gryphon all the way at the back of the photo, and he’s over 6 feet tall.

Scared Pumpkin, Lost in the Crowd?
This Guy Looks a Little Scared – Afraid of Crowds, Maybe?
A tent was set up, and anyone who came by could carve a pumpkin or two to contribute to the display, if they liked. We passed on the opportunity – we had other places to go!

Brookdale Fruit Farm
Brookdale Fruit Farm, Hollis, NH
Our next stop was Brookdale Fruit Farm, located on Route 130 in Hollis, NH. Brookdale is one of the large growers of produce in NH, and they have an amazing gift shop and a nice greenhouse full of plants as well.

My memory was that they’d have something impressive out front for the season that I could Knit Around with – and I was right!

Knitting Around With a Giant Scarecrow
Knitting Around with the Big Scarecrow
He looks like he’s already getting a bit tired of the season. Or maybe he’s just trying to see what I’m knitting. (Which happens to be the Market Squares entre-lac bag, my current main WIP.) If you pop over to the Brookdale website, you’ll see what he looks like in his prime.

As we were taking the Knitting Around picture, Gryphon spotted another pumpkin across the street – a Cinderella Pumpkin Coach was sitting by the road with a “For Sale” sign on it!

Cinderella Coach By Roadside
Fairy Tale Dream for Sale
Hmm…wonder what the MPG is?

Wilton’s 2005 Halloween Parade

I showed you pictures Friday from the local kindergarten’s Halloween Parade. Today, the entire Florence Rideout Elementary School marched in a loop down from the school, around Main St., and back again.

Being small town New England, this is an event that everyone comes out to see. It always happens around 1 p.m., and a little before that you can see locals lining the streets. The parade passes Town Hall on both sides, and all the staff comes out to watch it on the first pass at the back – then they go down the steps by the side of the building to catch it again on Main St.

The Parade Begins

Starting Off With a Squeal – From the Siren
The various parades here in town always include at least one fire engine from the local department. For the Halloween Parade, the kids get to follow it along the route, with the sirens blasting to let the town know they’re coming.

I took many, many more pictures than I’m going to inflict upon you here. Every child was adorable, and almost all of the costumes showed creativity, whether from the skill of the Mom or Dad who put together the outfit of their child’s dreams, or just the quality of costumes available to purchase these days.

No one should feel slighted for not being included in this post. I had to be selective, so I chose my absolute, very favorite costumes to display.

Witchy-Poo! Where’s Puf’n’Stuff When You Need Him?

Anime Girl?
Anime Girl? Go-Go Dancer?
I’m not sure exactly what she’s meant to be, though I’m leaning strongly towards an anime character. I just loved the colors, and the go-go styling.

Edited 04-25-06 to add: I have since been advised by a couple of readers that this little girl is portraying Daphne of Scooby Doo fame. Back in the 70’s, when Scooby Doo originally aired, I was a pre-teen and a big fan. But I haven’t seen the live-action Scooby movie, nor any of the newer animated versions, so the characters’ appearances are far from fresh in my mind. Besides, I remember Daphne wearing a dress with long sleeves, and simple little shoes – not go-go boots. I suppose the hair should have been a give-away, though!

Thanks to the readers who offered up the correct answer to the mystery. If I can find a source of Scooby Snacks, you’ve earned yours!)

Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Very nicely done, and with a lovely Gryffindor scarf, too.

A Snow-White Kitty and a Mummy
Kitty Cat and Mummy
I was impressed with the mummy costume. I think there’s a small gap in the cloth that the child is looking through, but I couldn’t swear to it.

Assorted Costumed Children in the Halloween Parade
A Number of the Older Students
I see ninjas, soldiers, cheerleaders, monsters, and much, much more. A couple of Hogwarts students over on the right. And the chef made me laugh!

At the end of the Halloween Parade, you’ll always find this teacher, Rhonda C. Watts. Rhonda also happens to be a certified riding instructor, with a specialty in Side-Saddle, among other techniques. This year, she appeared to be dressed as a Civil War camp follower.

A Civil War Woman on Horseback
Civil War Lady Riding Side-Saddle
I love the moment of horse and rider that I happened to catch here.

Still To Come This Week

This is only the tip of the cornstalks today. Still to come this week:

  • Making fresh apple cider
  • Unusual produce
  • “Home Kinks” – a vintage publication from Popular Science (no, it’s not what you think!)
  • An apple crisp recipe from the web
  • WIP reports – gotta have some fiber content!
  • And, Knitting Around with the Budweiser Clydesdales

Whew – that ought to fill a few posts! Who knows, some of this might even spill over into next week!

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