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A Folkcat First – Random Friday

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 5:22 pm on Friday, November 18, 2005

Don’t ever let it be said that I won’t steal a useful idea from other people’s blogs. It seems that the things I have to blog about today are varied, slightly numerous, yet not too huge individually. Still, there they are demanding to be cleared from my head (and my camera card). So I present to you Folkcat’s First Ever Random Friday.

1. Thanks are due:

To my readers, who are very accepting people and very kind to a woman who yesterday, was more publicly vulnerable on this blog than normal. You are all wonderful people. Thank you.

To all of you who have signed my Frappr map. It’s fun to see who and where you are! Thanks!

To everyone who’s trying out my Freedom Mitts pattern. It’s exciting, wondering when I’ll first see what someone else knit from my work! Thank you for supporting my humble efforts!

2. There’s a Monster in my refrigerator:

Every year, the plastics manufacturing company that Gryphon works for gives a Thanksgiving turkey to each and every employee. Frozen, 20-lb. turkeys, on the Friday before Thanksgiving. (Reliable sources among his co-workers confirm for us that allows sufficient thawing time in the fridge.)

20-lb. turkey in the Folkcat & Gryphon Fridge
The Monster in the Fridge
Thanksgiving is just Gryphon and me. We don’t go elsewhere for dinner, and we don’t have friends in. (We have such a small apartment and it’s so overstuffed with things, we’d have no place to put them.)

Gryphon was working at the same place last year, and received a huge turkey then, too. But we still had a bead store at the time, and our staff (besides ourselves) included a woman, Dragonfly, with a family who we loved dearly. Rather than overdo the turkey dinner thing ourselves, we passed our plastics company bonus turkey on to Dragonfly for her family to cook. It was perfect.

This year, no bead store, no staff, and our lives have moved in a totally different direction than Dragonfly’s. Plus, we’re so broke this time that we can’t afford to turn down 20 lbs. of free turkey. So Gryphon and I, two fairly moderate eaters, are going to cook a 20-lb. turkey for Thanksgiving. We’ll probably carve out one breast intact to put away in the freezer for Christmas dinner, we’ll slice up enough for Thanksgiving, and the rest will get frozen in pieces and parts for quick meals and turkey soup.

I’ll be relying on my old faithful companion, the 1975 edition of the Joy of Cooking, for the roasting instructions. I’ve done it once before – something like 20 years ago, I think – and I can cook, darn it.

It’s just that it’s so…..big.

3. Knitting Around (in Public) starts to catch on:

Blogless Judy from Hudson was able to join Bea and I last night at Panera.
Bea and Judy enjoy the fire at Panera
(L. to r.) Bea, wearing a Peace Shawl and Knitting a prayer shawl; Judy, wearing a 2004 Rhinebeck sweatshirt and knitting a summer top

The evening counted as something of a first for me – Judy spotted me in line at Panera and recognized me from the blog! Makes me feel a little more real somehow.

We had a great time chatting away and knitting. Bea has taken inspiration from my Wearable Hugs, and is knitting her own version, which she calls “Huggables”. She’s taking the same approach I do – trust that you’ll know who the recipient is by the time the Hug is ready to give. Judy worked on two pieces – a Feather-and-Fan scarf in a marvelous green hand-dyed wool, and a bright pink cotton top that she says will be perfect for beach wear.

We were so engrossed in our chatting and learning about each other that we eventually realized the Panera staff was mopping the floors behind us! I take that as a sign that we really clicked. We’re all looking forward to getting together again – and remember, you’re all invited if you’re in the area! Next Knitting Around (in Public) will be a week after Thanksgiving, on Thursday evening, again at Panera on 101A in Nashua. The time to gather is between 5 and 6 p.m. – I usually arrive closer to 6, but Bea is there as early as 5. And if you get there first, just grab the seats by the fire – we’ll be along!

3. Magic Loop – still not my favorite, but I can do it now:

My knitting project for the evening was a hat for Gryphon. He still likes the hat I made him 2 years ago from Homespun, but he has been watching me do this new burst of creative knitting this year and started feeling cravings for a new hat. I’ve recently been seeing Ryan at Mossy Cottage Knits talk about the Dulaan Cloud Hat she’s been knitting from worsted yarn and mohair, and I realized I had a bunch of both in my stash. Great!

So a ball of navy blue worsted, and a partial skein of royal blue mohair, went with me to Panera to be wound into center-pull skeins and knit into a Cloud Hat for Gryphon. But then, on the way to Panera, I stopped at Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick up some button thread, and I found one of their “exclusive” yarns called Angel Hair. A close look at it revealed – get this – a single ply of worsted weight yarn, twisted with a strand of a mohair-like yarn.

Hmm. Someone’s already put the yarns together for me! Of course I bought a skein ($4.99, 100gms, 110 meters), and began knitting the hat.

Of course, true to form for me, I changed the pattern already. The Cloud Hat was done in stockinette with a rolled brim – I knew Gryphon would prefer a ribbed cuff. The pattern called for 10 1/2 needles, I only had 10. So I fudged the stitch count up slightly, and began knitting.

Modified Cloud Hat in Progress
Magic Loop Works – But I Still Prefer Two Circulars

I actually finished the hat in the wee hours of the morning while Gryphon slept, and was able to surprise him with it this morning. Total time from purchase of yarn to finished object: under 11 hours.

The one other important point here is that, having only one size 10 circular with me, and that too long to do a hat on in the usual way, I was forced to figure out Magic Loop once and for all. I’d tried it before with socks, and hadn’t liked it, turning successfully instead to the 2 circular approach.

But I now have it figured out, and while it’s not my preference, I can do it where necessary. Good for me!

I’d show a picture of the finished hat, but Gryphon wore it to work tonight. Soon, though!

4. Sometimes, it helps to know that someone else had a worse day than you:

Not that I wish anyone to ever have a bad day. But, you know, stuff happens and you get to look on as a bystander and realize, maybe your day isn’t too bad.

This afternoon, while Gryphon was out picking up our monster turkey from work, I was sitting on the toilet when I heard sirens going by. This is not an unusual occurrence – we live about 2 blocks down Main Street from the Wilton Fire Department. But this time, I heard the sirens pass by in back of our building, then stop.

Of course, now I’m rushing to finish peeing, wipe off, and get my pants pulled up so I can find out if I have to evacuate the building. I manage to get to the kitchen door, look out, and see this:

Car Fire, Wilton FD responding
I’m Glad It’s Not My Car (Touch Wood)

Someone in the buildings was parked by the dumpster, and somehow their car caught on fire. I didn’t trouble anyone for details – they were busy, after all.

But I got my “someone’s having a worse day than me” moment from it.

5. Fisherman in the Granite State are well cared for:

Last Sunday, on a whim, Gryphon and I paid a late visit to the Milford Fish Hatchery on North River Road, Milford, NH.

Milford Fish Hatchery Sign, North River Road, Milford, NH
Domed Tents Cover Fish Ponds
Domed Tents Cover Many, Many Concrete Ponds
Fishermen (and women), try not to salivate, but those ponds are almost all filled with trout of various species. Including some monster rainbow trout that I couldn’t get a picture of because of glare on the water.

Folkcat Knits with Trout
Folkcat Knitting Around with Trout
Wearable Hug 13 (WH13), the Divine Diva, got pulled out of the knitting bag. The colorway is called Adirondack, and now she’s being knit with fish being bred for seeding the rivers and lakes. Is she a nature girl?

Trout in Open Pond Leaps for Insects
This Picture Took Forever To Get
One of the open ponds had many, many large trout in it, and as it was nearing dusk, they were feeding actively on flying insects over the water. It was astonishing to stand there watching leap after amazing leap. Some managed to walk on their tails halfway across the pond.

I kept trying to press the shutter release on the camera faster and faster, hoping to catch a fish in the air. I have several dozen photos of a small ripple of water on the pond where the fish landed. Finally, I think I got lucky, and a second fish jumped immediately after the one that triggered my shutter finger.

6. Phew! It adds up, doesn’t it?

But that’s all for this week. Really, it is. I suppose everything above could have been expanded into a full-sized post of its own, but really – I post five times a week, and that’s five items I came up with to blog about in just one day! (Never mind that the Knitting Around thing has been waiting for attention since Sunday!) If I didn’t combine subjects now and then, I’d have a huge backlog of posts laying around.

And so, I offer a final Thank You for your indulgence in my slightly longer, hodge-podge of a post today. Now I’m free to come up with completely new topics for next week! *grin*

Thanks again, everyone, for paying a visit here. I love knowing that I have all these virtual friends to chat with. You’re great!

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Comment by tabbytuxedo

November 18, 2005 @ 9:04 pm

Hey! Thanks for pinning my map too. I just pinned yours. I also saved your freedom mitts too. Very nice pattern! Thanks for sharing it.


Comment by JessaLu

November 20, 2005 @ 4:05 pm

I have 15 ppl coming here for Thanksgiving and am cooking not one, but TWO turkeys! My SO is deep-frying one so I only need to worry about one of them. By the way, if you can get your hands on some cheesecloth the Martha Stewart way of roasting is by far the best way (you can get the info from her site, it’s too long to include here) and you’ll have tons of flavor in the meat for your future soups, etc. Good Luck! :o)


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