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Today’s Weird Factor Alert Level – Red!; and, Folkcat’s Christmas Checklist

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 1:54 pm on Friday, December 23, 2005

Daily Weird Factor Level: High!

Gryphon had his company Christmas party to go to a little while ago. They don’t do Secret Santa or such, what they do is the owner of the company buys a whole bunch of gifts and they do a raffle-like drawing. Last year was Gryphon’s first Christmas at this place, and he didn’t happen to win.

This year they had two drawings – one for the gift assortment, and one for a stack of really nice denim work shirts with the company logo on them.

Gryphon got drawn both times. He wasn’t drawn early in the gift raffle, so the best thing left was a $50 gift card for a grocery store we shop at regularly, but hey, that’s not bad! And he’s got a really nice new work shirt now, too.

He came into the house obviously in a strange mood after the party, around 1 p.m. He showed me these things, and then explained that they were only about 0.1% of the weird factor.

Seems he’d had a call from our landlord’s office. They were going over their books to close out the year, and had discovered something about our rent payments.

Small town, and all that – when we had our tough times the past couple of years, one of the payments that fell behind was the rent. Our landlord was kind enough to let us begin paying in weekly installments instead of monthly, and we tacked on a small amount each time to work off the past due amount.

Seems they hadn’t kept very close track of it, but when they ran the figures now, they found we had paid a fairly significant amount of excess.

In other words, we’re not only caught up – we’ve overpaid.

Gryphon was asked what we wanted to do with the money – get it paid out to us, or put it in an escrow account for future rent. You can guess which choice he made.

So the final, 99.9% of the weird factor today was when he handed me a rather large check from our landlord.

This by no means fixes everything that’s wrong with our budget and income. But it takes us out of the red, and means we don’t have to worry any more about whether we can afford the gas to get to Syracuse tomorrow. We’ve been fretting this last week or so because the budget seemed to be tightening a noose around our necks, and we may have been within a heartbeat of having to cancel the trip for lack of sufficient funds to buy gas to both get there and return.

Gryphon’s off now, putting the money in the bank. I think he’s a bit relieved, too, that he can now afford to buy me a Christmas present that he can wrap and put under the tree in Syracuse – there are hints that his outing may include extra stops I should pretend not to know about. He’d been feeling disappointed that there was no room in the budget to get me anything, but that’s changed now.

Call it a Christmas Miracle. That’s what it feels like to us. It’ll be nice not having to worry about the cost of every McDonald’s hamburger we might want to eat while in Syracuse. And maybe we can do a little better than McDonald’s, too.

Folkcat’s Christmas Checklist

Let’s see:

Christmas Spirit: Much repaired, mood elevated, almost cried in relief. It’s nice not to have to worry so much about our expenses when we’re supposed to be on vacation and seeing our family for the first time since last Christmas. We can actually relax for this trip.

Mystery Project #1: Knitted, Blocked, Embellished, and Wrapped – Check.

Mystery Project #2: Painted, Sealed, Dried – Check. Still to be Wrapped, will do later today.

Mystery Project #3: Poked, Prodded, Shaped. Still to be Be-ribboned and Wrapped. Will do later today.

Mystery Project #4: Knitted, Felted, Wrapped, and Shipped sometime last week – Check.

Gifts for Gryphon: Wrapped last night while he was at work.

Felted Catnip Mice: 2 stuffed, 12 to go. Gryphon decided the stuffing process looked like fun, and he wants to participate. We’ll do this together later today, then we’ll wrap them.

Food for the Road to Syracuse: No longer necessary to prepare enough to keep us fully nourished for a 6- to 8-hour road trip. We can afford to stop someplace along the way for a meal. So one of today’s baking chores is crossed off the list. I’ll just assemble some light snacks to sustain us between rest stops.

Laundry so we have clean clothes to pack: First load in the washer now. More to follow.

Packing: I’ll probably do that at 1 in the morning or so tonight, like I usually do.

Knitting for the trip: Still haven’t decided what to take. Wearable Hug #13 is a given, it’s partway through the second skein and is brainless, if large, knitting. I may take the yarn for the knitted capelet/poncho I want to make to replace the Ugly Crochet Poncho. Beyond that, I have a mission to find yarn for a project a friend has requested.

Christmas Wishes: Extended to every one of you! And appropriate comparable greetings to those who celebrate different holidays than Christmas.

Posting Next Week: Will happen, but probably on an irregular schedule. Look for lots of pictures, especially from the zoo. I may even set up a Flickr account to accommodate the volume – we’ll see.

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Comment by Arondelle

December 23, 2005 @ 3:03 pm

Come play the meme game, FC!


Comment by Jess

December 23, 2005 @ 6:50 pm

That is SO COOL! Congratulations!! Yay!

I’ll do the happy dance for you ;o)


Comment by Judy

December 24, 2005 @ 3:24 pm

Merry Christmas! It always seems like miracles come in the nick of time. I’ve been there, too! Have a great time. Judy

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