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Knitting Around Last Thursday – a Late Report; and, a WIP Review

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 4:14 pm on Monday, January 23, 2006

I know, I know – I shoulda told you all about it on Friday. But I got busy, and I had that other stuff to post about, and…

But you don’t want to hear excuses. You want to hear about the Thursday Knit Around at Panera Bread. Right?

So, Bea and I got there and hung out knitting as usual.

Folkcat & Bea
Folkcat and Bea Knitting Around at Panera

Abby, founder of SnB-NH, was able to make it! She was working on a beautiful pair of cable-knit fingerless mitts in Noro Kureyon.

Bea and Abby
Bea and Abby Knitting Around at Panera

Abby had to leave after a little while, but I’m so glad we finally got to meet!

I was knitting on the Edgar Scarf through the evening – you can see it piled up on the table in the picture above. You can get a much better view of it this way, though:

Edgar Scarf at Full Stretch
Folkcat and Bea Take Edgar for a Stretch

I actually finished knitting Edgar Thursday night. I had also knit an earwarmer headband to go with Edgar, using the Multi-Directional Scarf instructions so that I’d get interesting colorplay from the multi-colored Mega-Stoppino yarn to go with Edgar’s chevron stripes. Over the weekend, I wove in the ends on everything and stitched up the headband. Edgar still wants blocking to get all his diamond points nice and crisp, but I’m pleased with the results. And I used all but about 12″ of the Mega-Stoppino between the two.

A little while after taking the Edgar picture, Bea and I were delighted to spot Lynne walking in! We had met Lynne on Monday the 9th at Toadstool Books’ knitting group, Eats, Knits, and Leaves.

Lynne totally flattered me by saying she’d read my blog, and had already acted on my idea of knitting yoga socks. She ordered the pattern I had linked to, and had a significant portion of the first sock worked by the time she arrived on Thursday.

Lynne at Panera
Lynne Becomes One With Her Yoga Sock

Memories of Beads Past

Both Lynne and Abby surprised me by telling how much they loved my bead store that I used to run here in Wilton. It’s sometimes hard to believe it hasn’t even been a year since we closed our doors, but it’s true. Our last day of business, the end of the clearance sale, was on Easter Sunday, March 27th, 2005.

It would have been nice if we could have continued the store, but it just wasn’t to be. Too many factors combined forces to make it impossible. Sometimes I question whether I truly had the skills to keep it going. Then folks like Lynne and Abby remind me that, even as inexperienced at retail management as I was, I created and ran something for around 2 1/2 years that touched peoples’ lives.

Even if I say so myself, that’s not an insignificant accomplishment.

I still bead, though not as regularly as I did while the store existed. Knitting has come to the forefront as the superstar artistic outlet of the moment, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Still, it’s nice to know that my involvement with beading made a lasting difference for so many people.

What’s on the Needles Now?

Okay, obviously Edgar is done – what next?

I did cast on and start knitting a new project on Saturday, but it’s another one that has potential for future publication, and so, well…I can’t talk about it or show you pictures.

My Ruana has sat idle at about 1/3 done, and I really should return to it. Especially since I have the Knitting Olympics coming up, and I need to be training for the Kiri shawl I want to knit with my Kool-Aid dyed yarn.

Rest assured, there is knitting happening, and plenty of it. Just not much that I can show right now.

But the important thing is, I’m feeling very satisfied with the current projects, both process and product.

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