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It’s Awards Time!

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 8:00 pm on Sunday, January 29, 2006

It’s Time!

Just sitting here, watching the Red Carpet Parade for the Screen Actors’ Guild awards, airing tonight at 8 p.m. on TBS and TNT.

I’ve only been sort of half paying attention, though, because I decided that I wanted a photo to illustrate the one comment I have to make about the awards, so I’ve been Googling and checking out images online. I found a few, as you’ll notice. I have paid enough notice to the Red Carpet, though, to notice a few things…for instance, I think it’s pretty cool that the Desperate Housewives seem to have coordinated their outfits, wearing a lovely lavender. Helps to reinforce the feeling of the cast as a family and a team.

Red Carpet Attire Means Dressed to the Nines

(I have to confess, though – I was a late adopter of DH, only starting to watch with reruns over last summer. I quickly lost interest this fall, and have dropped the program altogether. I just can’t seem to keep interested in the lives of these people who, frankly, for all that they stick together and support each other, also seem to constantly do very hateful things for all the wrong reasons. As if there’s a right reason to do a hateful thing…)

I’ve never actually caught the SAG awards before. They’re not advertised on the major networks, you just kind of have to know when they’re coming up. I was lucky and spotted a tv ad not long ago on a cable network, that’s how I knew to watch tonight.

I’ll be Relaxing and Enjoying the Show

I’m looking forward to this because the SAG awards are one of the peer-voted awards. That takes it out of the realm of popularity contest, which so many of the other awards sometimes seem to come down to. No, in this case it is professionals in the field, who know what it takes to be excellent at their craft, who are choosing who they think has done an exceptional job this year.

But I think what I’m looking forward to the most – the Lifetime Achievement Award tonight will be presented to Shirley Temple Black.

shirley 1.jpg
Who, Me?

I’m a huge Shirley Temple fan. She’s one of those stars for whom, if I’m flipping channels and see her on the screen, I’ll stop and watch whatever it is. Unfortunately, that happens all too seldom these days.

It’s my big wish one day to have all her movies on DVD. I know they’re available, but, well…I have yet to find them in an un-colorized version. Colorization is, in my opinion, one of the worst tools to be made available to video distributors ever. It allows someone other than the original creator to alter the work, solely for the purpose of making it “more commercial”. No, making money isn’t a bad thing. But should they be allowed to distribute a product that is no longer in the form that was intended by the creator?

The Little PrincessA precious few of Shirley’s films were in color – Blue Bird and The Little Princess among them. Blue Bird isn’t even available on DVD right now.

The last time I saw Shirley Temple Black on television was on the Academy Awards several years ago. I think it was a significant anniversary year for the awards, and they decided to get that number of big award-winners from past years on stage all at the same time. They opened the curtain, and there was a big bleachers-like arrangement filled with celebrities, whom they focused the camera on one at a time and announced their name, and the year(s) they won.

I was fine with this, even a bit ho-hum, until they came to one unmistakable dimpled face. Shirley Temple Black looked as adorable as ever. She smiled, and there they were, those dimples, and my heart welled up along with my eyes. I cried happy tears just at seeing her, happy and alive, and being honored as she deserves.

Yes, You Adorable Thing – YOU!

So the most eagerly awaited moment for me tonight will be when they bring this lovely lady out on stage. That will make the whole thing worth it.

And what’s the menu?

On the menu tonight – another rendition of the same pizza that was such a success for the Golden Globes a couple weeks ago, and some of that incredible caramel corn that I showed pictures of the other day!

Ooops…was gonna link to those posts, but the show just started! TTFN!

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