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January’s End WIP Report: FO! Yoga Socks, Clapotis, and Olympic Yarn

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 2:36 pm on Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lest you think we’re always completely hypocritical (alternating diet/exercise posts with chocolate/candy posts, on the same day even!) and non-crafty here at I Knit Around, I bring you an end of January WIP report.

Yoga Socks!
Yoga Socks

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Sockotta, Colorway #502 (Blue, Charcoal, and Violet with Fair Isle effect stripes)
Needles: Addi Turbo Size 1 24″ circulars (2)
Gauge: 8 stitches/inch

Notes: I like these a lot. Today they’re getting their first real test, being worn around the house as I go about my life.

The first thing I’m noticing is that they feel a little bit loose. I knit these to fit my exact measurements, trusting the 2×2 ribbing to give the elasticity for a good fit. But I think that next time, I’ll subtract a half inch from all measurements to give a little negative ease. It’s still possible, too, even though the wool content is superwash, they might shrink some in the laundry, so they might still come out a closer fit.

I like the length of coverage on the foot, but I find that as I walk about, the feet tend to slip forward towards the toes a bit much. I think the heel holes are too big, and that’s allowing too much movement for the foot. I worked these from non-toe up, and when I got to the heel opening, I bound off about half of my stitches for it. I’m already scheming a plan for a much smaller heel opening in the next socks.

Without a toe or heel, even my big feet were actually able to get two of these socks out of one ball of Sockotta – with lots to spare. (Knitting standard socks I had found I needed about 1 1/3 balls.) I could have worked the legs longer, even if my heel holes had been smaller. I’ll probably use the leftover yarn for a small bag or something.

I find these comfortable to wear. Even though my toes and heels are exposed, my feet feel noticeably warmer, which is a good thing in this drafty apartment. I foresee a lot more yoga socks on the needles in 2006.

I’ll be doing several more pairs in Sockotta before I feel the pattern’s ready to commit to my Christmas Gift Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn, however! At that time, too, I may consider making the pattern available – but with the work that’s going into this one, it will probably not be free. If the final pattern is what I expect, though, it’ll be worth spending a few dollars on!

Clapotis In Progress

Clapotis is moving along swiftly. I’m still working the “straight” section – the one where you are actually skewing the knitting a stitch to the left on every row – and I’ve done about 10 of the 12 additional repeats at last count.

I’m liking the colors in this Red Heart yarn – I may have to see if I can hand dye something to emulate it in a soft wool someday. Maybe with softer color transitions.

It’s going to be fun when I get to the end and finally take all the dropped stitch ladders all the way to the bottom!

Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn Ball
Olympic Yarn

I finished winding the Kool-Aid Dyed laceweight yarn into a ball – the stuff I’ll be using for my Knitting Olympics challenge, Kiri. All 1700 yards of it. I must have a blue-green thing I didn’t know about – the colors aren’t completely like, but are reminiscent of, the Red Heart Kid’s yarn I’m using for Clapotis above.

I also did some training yesterday, knitting a couple small sections of Kiri on different sizes of needles. Size 4 Addi’s are way too big, creating a very loose and open structure. Size 1, however, just right! I’ll need to buy a new set of Size 1 circulars for the Olympics, however, since the only pairs I have are my 24″ ones for sock knitting, and I’ll want at least a 40″ for this.

Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the training swatches – they were very small, only big enough to tell me what I needed to know. Besides, you’ll see plenty of this in a week or two! I liked how the colors were knitting up, though…

And the Also-Rans…

The ruana has sat idle for several weeks. It may see some play before the Olympics, but I’m not sure. I’m having too much fun with the other projects.

And Wearable Hug #13 has been keeping it company. I haven’t felt compelled to knit on the Demanding Diva (as I have come to call her) for a while. Clearly, whoever she belongs to won’t be needing her right away!

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