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The good news is, the funk I was in last Friday has passed. I credit lots of distraction over the weekend, and a return to normal routine – with minor alterations – this week.

This was the distraction:

Sable Stops for a Bite to Eat
This is Sable

Star Peeks Out the Door
And This Is Star

Sable and Star are sisters. They came to live with us Saturday. We don’t know how old they are, but we know they’re not full grown. If you’ve ever seen the pet rats offered at PetCo, where they sell small, Medium, and LARGE rats (which just means they’re selling younger or older rats), I’d guess Sable and Star are about a Medium. (We didn’t purchase them at PetCo, but at a local independent pet shop that breeds their own – Family Pet & Aquarium of Nashua. No website, but if you’re in the area and in the market for small pets, check them out. I recommend them highly. Good animals, and they know what they’re doing.)

They seem to be adjusting well to their spacious accommodations. In the store, of course, they were in a simple tank that they shared with two more sisters. Now that they live with us, they have a three-story condo all to themselves. All kinds of nooks and crannies to explore. And boxes to crawl in. And toys to play with. And treats.

They don’t seem to mind the camera a bit.

Sable Investigates the Camera
Sable Goes in for an Extreme Close-Up

They’re still getting used to us. And us to them. The “minor alterations” to normal routine that I mentioned above relate to caring for the girls, and encouraging them to socialize and bond with us. We’ve got a careful program going of offering treats from our hands, and making them come a little closer and a little closer as they get more comfortable with it. Yesterday, Star climbed completely onto my hand to get at a piece of bagel. A little oatmeal to lick off my fingers was a big hit with both this morning, and you should see the reaction to peanuts in the shell!


Between the Friday funk and the new additions to the family, there wasn’t a scrap of knitting through the weekend. Until Sunday afternoon, that is, when I went over to Panera to knit with the SnB-NH group. My knitting for the afternoon was Preemie Hats. Between last Thursday evening, and this Sunday, at Panera, I did two more hats for a total of 4 complete, with another one on the needles.

On Thursday I also worked on the Warm Things project (warm garments and accessories to donate to immigrants from warmer climates). I gained a lot of ground on the pink Slanted Eyelet Scarf (from the 2006 Knitting Patterns calendar). And today, I picked up the Burgundy Sweater Vest for Gryphon and added a couple of inches to the back.

WIP - Preemie Hats and Sweater VestWIP - Warm Things: Scarf
Photographic Proof of Knitting

I mentioned before that I’m getting back to a normal routine this week, and I’m glad. Last week was all over the map, trying to get the cage finished and supplies purchased so we could bring home the new family members. By Friday, I felt a bit ill. After posting to the blog with that dismal, rambling account of my mood, I decided to spend the entire evening lying in my bed watching junk television. We don’t have a couch, or I’d have spent the time horizontal in the living room. But at least I have a television and a second Tivo in the bedroom, so there was plenty to pass the time with. I stayed there until Gryphon came home from work, which is a little after midnight, and then, of course, it was basically bedtime anyhow.

The important thing is, I’m feeling much better now.

Special to Christine

You know who you are, and you know what you said. Thanks so much – it made a huge difference in my mood. I appreciate that you took the time to tell me. Hugs and happiness to you. 8^)

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