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Tuesdays are for Knitting Around

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 4:37 pm on Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Once Upon A Time…

I Knit Around is the name of this blog, and if you click on the appropriate link on the sidebar, you’ll see what that means. The quick version is that I knit in places that I find interesting or meaningful, and have my picture taken doing it.

I put out an invitation back in January, suggesting that anyone who wanted to could submit their own Knitting Around photo and story. Thus far, no response, although a few people have said they were going to try to think of a picture to take. The announcement may have been overshadowed by the Knitting Olympics, which La Harlot produced that same week, and which certainly got a large, well-deserved amount of attention.

The Olympics are long over, and I think most of us who participated are well on their way to recovery. So let’s try this again. This is my reminder to you that I’m accepting photos for the Knitting Around gallery. If you enjoy taking your knitting with you wherever you go, please check out the information here and in my FAQ section, and consider submitting a picture. And if you think this sounds like a fun idea, please feel free to tell your friends about it!

I hope no one’s making it harder than it needs to be. I’m sure most of us carry knitting almost wherever we go, so opportunities should be easy to come by. And if you look at the list of places where I have knit around, some of them are pretty humble. Like the kitchen of my favorite Chinese restaurant. Hardly of great historic significance, but meaningful to me, because Gryphon and I are always welcomed like family there, and the food is the best.

If you think you’d like to participate in the Knitting Around Photo Gallery, my best suggestions are simple ones.

1. Carry your knitting – and your camera – with you so you can take advantage of opportunities when you find them. If possible, bring someone who can take the picture, too, so you don’t have to depend on the kindness of strangers.

2. Don’t overthink it. A Knitting Around location doesn’t have to be immediately recognizable by anyone who views the photo as meaningful. It can be as simple as knitting with your grandmother on her front porch, because she’s the one who taught you how to knit. Or because she never knit, but now you’ve taught her. What makes the picture meaningful to us is when you add the caption or text that explains that.

3. There are probably places to Knit Around all around you. But because you see them everyday, you forget that they are special. Try to see your surroundings with the eyes of a newly arrived visitor, seeing the sights for the first time. You’d be surprised at what exists as meaningful locations in even the humblest of towns.

4. Check the Knitting Around FAQ for my complete list of Knitting Around locations, and see if it gives you an idea.

5. If all else fails, tell a good friend about the Knitting Around project, and ask where they’d like to see you knitting. Then make them take the picture for you! Be careful which friend you pick, though, they may have some strange ideas…

It’s really that simple. Perhaps with the arrival of warm weather and increasing numbers of outings and vacations, I’ll start to see some submissions. I wish I could say there were prizes to be had, but my budget makes that promise impossible at this time, I’m afraid. Maybe later in the year – we could have the annual Knitting Around Awards, perhaps. Most Meaningful Story. Weirdest Location. Oddest Knitting Position. Best Team Entry. Youngest Knit Arounder. Most Unusual Knitting Companion. Hmm…maybe we’ll need a contest just to settle on the categories!

In the meantime, I’m hoping to find new opportunities myself, so that I’ll have pictures to share with you. I’ve declared Tuesdays to be Knitting Around Day, and you see how often lately that even I’ve had anything to offer.

Gryphon and I do have a plan for a special Knitting Around project – a series of photos that will probably take at least two days to shoot, and should provide blog fodder for at least a week. Now, we just have to have a weekend with nothing else to do…

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