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Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 5:31 pm on Friday, April 7, 2006

Earlier this week, I set aside my usual project-switching habits for most of a day and focused on completing my Homespun Cardigan. As you may recall, this is an old project that I recovered from stash during my massive re-organization of the yarn piles. It had been completely knit, but no ends were woven in, and not a stitch of seaming had occurred.

After several hours of work on Tuesday, here’s the end result:

FO - Homespun Cardigan
Homespun Cardigan, Folkcat’s First Sweater!

Pattern: World’s Easiest Cardigan, from The Learn to Knit a Sweater Book
Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun, Regency colorway
Needles: US size 10

Notes: It’s been a while since I actually did the knitting on this one, but it was a blindingly simple project. The back is one big rectangle. The front is two longer, skinnier ones, and their lower ends fold up to form pockets. The sleeves are two trapezoids.

That’s it. That’s all the pieces.

FO - Homespun Cardigan, Wingspan
Big Sleeves

The sleeves feel a bit baggy on me, though I’m sure that sense is enhanced by the fact that the sweater gaps seriously in the front. This, in spite of the fact that this was designed as a seriously over-sized sweater (we’re talking 8 inches of ease here!). The two front pieces are straight up-and-down rectangles, and they’re not made to close up. But that means that the front opening is all the more easily pulled wider by the weight of the sleeves on your arms.

I’m not thrilled with how the pockets look, either. But I think that’s related to the front gap as well.

FO - Homespun Cardigan, Rear View
Back Length – Just Right

I actually think the back length is exactly right. And I like the way the sweater looks on me in these pictures. If I accept it as something to be worn as an open jacket, I think it will be a worthy addition to the wardrobe. The Homespun yarn is soft and warm, and feels very good against the skin. And it’ll be washable, too.

Sable Nuzzles the Homespun Yarn
Long Sleeves. Really Long.

The sleeves, when you are at rest, are seriously too long. Which further enhances that feeling of the front pulling open. But I’ve found I can push them up my arms fairly comfortably, which is something I often do with sweaters anyhow.

If I do this again – and I suspect I might – I’ll probably not change the back. On the front, I’ll alter the shape of the left and right pieces to make a v-neckline, and make the lower portion wide enough to overlap. I don’t know that I’ll add buttons – I would never button them up, anyhow. But if the front were at least wide enough to comfortably pull together and overlap, the sweater would feel better.

I’ve been trying to decide if I’d change the sleeves next time, and I think I won’t. Yes, they’ve over long at rest. But they seem all right when you’re moving around, and as I said, I often push sleeves up my arm anyhow.

I like having pockets, but if I make the front wider on each side, then they can no longer be formed by simply folding up the bottom. So I’ll likely make patch pockets.


This sweater is an easy knit, and a good way to learn basic sweater construction. For someone less apple-shaped than I am, it might fit better as written, too.

We’re not talking high fashion or anything au courant here, but this feels like a good, warm, comfy piece to throw on when I’m tooling around town doing errands on a cool day. Nothing wrong with the basics, folks.

And What Do The Rats Think?*

Sable says…

Sable Nuzzles the Homespun Yarn

“Feels like it has a high nuzzle factor to me…

Sable Dives into the Sweater

…but let me do a more in-depth investigation before I give you my final report!”

*Both ratties actually loved the knitted Homespun sweater. They crawled all over me, in and out of the pockets, up the sleeves, and nuzzling into the folds of the sweater wherever they could. Great bonding opportunity! And it reinforces that I need to knit them a little pocket-like thing they can crawl into for their cage…

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