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Thrifty Friday

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 4:25 pm on Friday, April 21, 2006

Every month, the Second Congregational Church of Wilton (affectionately known around town as Second Congo) holds a rummage sale on a Friday afternoon.

This place is a whole block and a half away from my home, yet I seldom get there. Today, my instincts said I should stop in.

I think I may make a point of trying to do that more regularly. Here’s what I bought.

Rummage Sale Sweater
Rummage Sale Sweater

Not very remarkable looking? The color is a nice, soft pink, and there’s a cable and lace detail down each side that’s very sweet looking, without being frou-frou.

Cable and Lace Detail
Cable and Lace

The sweater is hopelessly too small for me, but that’s not an issue, because look at what the tag has to say:

Fiber Content Tag
Silk Angora. For Real

Yes, folks. The seams tell a tale of a yarn that can be successfully frogged for recycling. I’m going to have silk angora to knit with!

I also found a set of six wooden coasters with a shallow lip on them that would make excellent seed bead dishes for my beadwork. And then I even turned up a lightweight jacket for Gryphon that is in great shape and fits his long torso and arms (he’s been needing a new one for ages.)

And now for the punch line

The price we paid to get all this treasure?

Three dollars. I would have been happy to pay more than that just for the jacket. So the yarn is effectively free. Plus, I get to indulge myself in my first-ever recycled yarn project.

Soiled Spot
Okay, so it needs cleaning

See, it’s not all rainbows and roses, I have to clean the darn thing first! <grin>

I’m going to do a little happy dance in my head now. Promise you won’t hurt me.

Star Says

Star and Tissues
“Don’t expect any help from me, I have enough housework of my own to do!”

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