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I is for Interview

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 4:23 pm on Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It has been 5 days since our last media coverage.

I received an interesting e-mail out of the blue last week. It was from a woman named Sarah Shemkus, a reporter writing for the New Hampshire Union Leader.

It’s not all that unusual to Gryphon and I to be contacted by, or be mentioned in, a newspaper. It seems to happen several times a year. We feel a bit silly about it – we think we lead fairly unremarkable lives, and sometimes wonder what the fuss is about. But when we examine reality more closely, we realize that somehow, we manage to do mildly interesting things and then speak articulately about them to others, either in person or on our blogs. I guess our personal enthusiasm can be infectious. (That, and the fact that this is, after all, small town NH. Gryphon and I are vocal enough about our interests to be noticed in the small population.)

After getting Sarah’s e-mail, I joked to Gryphon that we should post a sign on the wall reading “It Has Been X Days Since Our Last Media Coverage.” We had a small burst of media coverage for me only this February, when I was one of several knitters in New Hampshire interviewed for an article about the Knitting Olympics. That piece appeared in The Hippo in mid-February. And around the same time, I was quoted in a piece in The Cabinet (the Milford, NH weekly) about the opening of a new supermarket in town.

In Sarah’s case, it seems that she was writing about the current political situation in Milford, NH*, and had been searching for blogs in the area that opined about the subject. In the search, she happened to turn up one of my more inactive blogs, The Milford Memory Box. This blog is dedicated to my and Gryphon’s participation in Geocaching**, and in particular, to a geocache that we ourselves hid in Milford. Sarah found the concept of the Memory Box interesting, and thought it would make a nice piece for the paper. So she asked to Interview us.

And so, last Thursday, Gryphon and I went off to Emerson Park in Milford to meet with Sarah and talk to her about the Memory Box. Luckily for me, I had the brilliant realization before going that…

I is for Interview

When I explained my Knitting Around and the ABC-along to Sarah, and asked if she would permit Gryphon and I to take a picture of me knitting while she interviewed me, she agreed. Turns out, she is an avid knitter herself. I encouraged her to join us for one of our knitting meetings some day, and it almost sounded like she might – if she’s in the area at the right time. She lives in Massachusetts, but she’s all over the region for her reporting.

I think, too, that as a journalist she was amused by the opportunity for reciprocal journalism. I know Gryphon and I were.

I is for Interview
Folkcat and Sarah Discuss Geocaching

Sarah wasted no time – the Geocache article appeared in the Union Leader the very next day. You can read it here, though the online version doesn’t include the nice color photo of Gryphon and I that they printed in the hard copy edition. She did a very nice job with it – Thanks, Sarah!

The knitting, for the record, is the latest of the Preemie Hats I’m knitting for charity. If you look at the green tote at my feet, that is loaded with skeins of baby, fingering, and DK weight yarns with which to knit the things. It’s an easy to grab WIP for Knitting Around occasions.

And that is Folkcat’s version of “I is for…” Hmm….”J” is next…wonder if I can think of anything for that? *wink*

Star Says

Star, Large
“Gosh, Mom – I’ve only been here a short while, and even I know what “J” is for!”

Ah, but she’s not telling all – you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks. Though I’ll bet that regular readers can guess!

*We won’t get into the details about current Milford politics. Suffice it to say, it’s very nasty, and it may very well make the human infrastructure of Town Hall implode completely before it’s done. Milford is heading in a bad direction under its current management. ‘Nuff said.

**Geocaching is like a treasure hunt, using a GPS receiver to locate caches, or boxes, that people have hidden in the real world. Whether you know it or not, if you live in the United States, there are probably hundreds of these treasures hidden within a short distance of your home. Right here in Wilton, for instance, there are currently 1,866 caches hidden within a 50 mile radius of me. For more about geocaching, visit the Geocaching website.

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