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Wednesday’s Child is Full of Woe

Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 3:22 pm on Wednesday, May 24, 2006

*koff* bronchitis *koff*

I’m actually a Sunday’s Child. (But the child that’s born on the Sabbath Day, is blithe and bonny, good and gay – yeah, right! Always made my family laugh.) But today’s got just enough woe in it to make me feel like I might have been born on a Wednesday.

Hoarse voice, throat feels thick, dry, unproductive cough that exhausts me…I’ve been here before, and it looks like I’m here again. Only thing for it is to rest as much as I can, take regular doses of cough syrup, and plentiful amounts of medicinal teas – Gypsy Cold Care, Breathe Easy, Throat Coat, and Herbatussin are all in the rotation.

Blogging may take a hit as I do simpler or fewer posts to accommodate my temporarily reduced endurance.

I’m knitting, but only on the simple, easy on the brain Log Cabin Blanket. It looks a lot like last time, only bigger.

If I’m not doing much better tomorrow, I may have to pass on my weekly Thursday Night Knitting Around at Panera. Mostly because I don’t want one of these coughing fits to hit me when I’m driving.

It should go on without me, however – I think we can assume that Bea and Anne will get there. I’ll do what I can to make it so, at least. (Anne, if you read this, drop me e-mail letting me know if it’s okay to give Bea your number, ‘kay?)

In another update, Gryphon was able to open the burnt-out TiVo box today, and identified the problem. The only sign of damage anywhere inside was a tiny, blast-looking crater on top of the modem chip. Which explains why the television, lamp, and DVD player on the same circuit were all safe, and the TiVo was fried – the TiVo was the only thing plugged into a phone line. And apparently, that’s where the power surge came into the house from the lightning blast.

The good news is, when it’s replaced it will be with a Series 2 TiVo, which doesn’t use a phone line – you plug it into your high-speed internet connection.

All our power strips in play at the moment have surge protection built in. But they don’t have plugs to protect the phone line as well. It’s not an issue for the most part – I think the TiVo was the only thing other than the phone itself that used the phone lines – but you can bet we’re now considering how we can upgrade the strips to allow that option.

I’m going off to brew another cup of tea now. I’ll post again when I’m up to it. *koff*

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