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WH11 to Have a Home; and Intermittent Blogging Ahead

Filed under: Retired - Folkcat's Fiber Crafts — folkcat at 4:40 pm on Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wearable Hug 11 (WH11) was finished last night, and I know now who it’s for. There’s a friend who I’ve never met – one of those Internet things, and I know her through some other friends, too. She lives in New Orleans – can you see where I’m going with this?

She and her husband and dog had escaped early to visit relatives in another state, but as I understand it, their home is near a levee. I just don’t know which one, but looking at the images of New Orleans on CNN, it doesn’t seem like it matters.

A friend who visited with me yesterday told me she likes “Mardi Gras” colors. WH11 is primarily a rich purple in color, but as I finished it last night, I realized that I hadn’t noticed the flecks of color mixed in – gold and green. Purple, Gold and Green are the Mardi Gras colors. That was when I knew for sure where WH11 is destined to be.

The Mardi Gras effect is a subtle one, and I think that’s appropriate. The phrase that came to mind is that “you have to hold the shawl close to your heart to see the New Orleans in it.”

It’s just a matter now of engineering the delivery, which may be tricky. We obviously can’t send it to her New Orleans home, but we’re not sure of her address in refuge. But it will happen, of that I’m sure. As sure as I was that I had to finish this hug soon, and that I would know who it belonged to by the time I was done.

“I love it when a plan comes together.” – Hannibal Smith, The A Team

Having completed WH11, I now had one too few projects on the needles, of course. So I’ve gone back to Sock Experiment 4 (WE4) and cast on for Sock 2 (WE4/S2). It’s nice to get back to size 2 needles in my hand, after handling the 13’s so much for WH11. And I get to use my new beaded stitch markers with the sock now.

My blogging over the next week may be a little iffy. I should have foreseen this, but Gryphon has taken some time off this week, and while we can’t afford to go anywhere, we will be doing more things together that we don’t normally get a chance for. So my desire to blog daily will probably fall by the wayside. I’ll be sure to post when I can, though. Stay tuned!

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