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Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 4:06 pm on Thursday, May 25, 2006

Many thanks to those who sent their healing thoughts via comments. It’s nice to know there are folks out there who care how I’m feeling.

As for that, I can report that I’m at least no worse than yesterday. I’m not spending my whole day coughing – it comes in surprise bursts of great intensity, which is the real issue. I go along for a few hours just fine, then suddenly start choking on, well, nothing. My eyes tear up, my throat gets raw, I have to stop in my tracks as my entire body gets involved in the coughing. Once I can get past it, I’m exhausted.

Which is why I decided this morning not to go to Knitting Around tonight. If that happened while I was driving, I’d likely wind up in a ditch somewhere. Much better to stay home. In case anyone was thinking of going, Bea and Anne will be there at Panera without me, knitting and talking and laughing. So, go. Have enough fun for me, too.

Meanwhile, I had yet another reminder today that some parts of my life are pretty good.

Thursday is Gryphon’s payday, and so it’s an errand and shopping day, too. I usually combine a lot of that with the trip to Panera, stopping at Target and PetSmart on the way there, then stopping at the 24-hour supermarket on the way home.

If we don’t want me driving, however, all that needs alternate arrangements. So we were making plans for Gryphon to get out to do grocery shopping before he had to go to work.

Here’s the special part. While I was considering if I wanted to go along with him to the supermarket (since I wouldn’t be driving, after all) so that I could get out of the house a little on this nice, warm, sunny day, Gryphon said, “Do you want to go to The Woolery and get your needles?”

Do I want to go get my knitting needles? The 60 inch Addi Turbos that I need for my Log Cabin blanket? Heck, yeah! I had been thinking of asking if we could go there, but had decided not to, since it would take up extra time. And here Gryphon goes and voluntarily offers to take me there.

I think he loves me.

I’m a lucky girl.

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