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Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 1:20 am on Sunday, May 28, 2006

The time has come, the Crafter said,
“To talk of many things.
Of yarn, and rats, and felted knits,
Of fabric, beads, and strings
And why each skein will have a knot,
And whether cats have wings.”

I’m feeling a bit out of focus with the blog these days. It’s called I Knit Around, and there was a reason for it – I went knitting around in different interesting places, and had my picture taken doing so.

It worked well for a while, but now – not so much knitting around is happening. I pretty much stay home with the knitting. I feel a bit like the blog title is, well, misleading.

So I’m feeling like it’s time for a change. Time to re-focus the blog, and have it better reflect what my life is right now. Time for a new name.

But the question is – what? I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I’m not sure about any of them. I think I want to keep looking until something feels right.

Meanwhile, here are the ideas I’ve had so far…

Of Rats and Yarn – (Inspiration – Parody of “Of Mice and Men”.)

Pro: Would reflect the knitting and rat elements.

Con: Ignores the rest of my crafty life.

Making It So – (Inspiration – Star Trek: TNG, from Picard’s frequent order to “Make it so.”)

Pro: Reflects the general nature of my life – that most of what I do is “Making it so,” making my reality closer to what I want it to be.

Con: I’m a Star Trek fan, sure, though not so much as I used to be. I don’t know that I want my blog title suggesting to true fen that this is a Star Trek blog.

Making It Up – (Inspiration – “I’m making it up as I go along.” Common phrase. Obscure Inspiration: the line is also a quote from Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

Pro: Again, reflects the general nature of my life, and this time specifically my crafting. I’m doing what we all do – making it up as we go. And I think there’s little chance of an Indiana Jones fan thinking it’s a fan blog.

Con: Very common phrase which most people won’t connect the phrase with a crafty interpretation.

I just realized that it’s o’dark:early, and I should probably post this and go to bed. It’s going to take some time for me to grasp what my new Blogly identity should be. Meantime, if anyone has any comments or suggestions, I’ll be glad to listen!

P.S. – oh, yes – I’m feeling rather better. I’ve only taken cough syrup once today, and I think I’m getting enough of a throat tickle again now that I’m going to take a dose before bed. But the cough is definitely improving!

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