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A New Way to Calendar; and, Rattie Yarn Zen

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Nashua Area Knit Groups

It has been my tradition on Tuesdays to offer a listing of the knitting-related meetings coming up in the next week and a half.

Well, bless technology and believe it or not, bless Google. That online giant has given me a way to keep a permanent, ongoing calendar of events that you can access whenever you want. And if you have a Google Calendar yourself, you can even add my calendar of Southern New Hampshire Knit Events to it!

Over near the top of my sidebar, you’ll see a section called “Pages”. The second item listed there is “Calendar of Southern NH Knit Meetings.” Just click on that, and you’ll be taken to a calendar page that shows every meeting I’ve currently got on the list, from now until forever.

Add Your Meeting

If you have a knitting or craft-related meeting in the Southern New Hampshire area that is open to the public, and would like to see it listed on my calendar, please send all the details to the e-mail link at the top of this blog. No commercial events, please – only those that are open to the public and also non-profit.

Any qualifying events will be added to the Google Calendar, and I’ll also announce the addition here on the blog.

And now, thanks to technology and Google, we have time for:

A Moment of Rattie Yarn Zen

The WIP I brought out yesterday was my short Ruana. I store this WIP in a zippered sweater bag, with all the skeins of the eight different types of yarn that I’m using in it.

I opened the bag, and set it out on the ottoman at my feet for easy access while I knit. In very short order, a certain pair of short, four-legged, furry beings had discovered it!

The Rattie Yarn Explorers
Sable (bottom left) and Star begin exploring

Sable especially really loves opportunities to nest and burrow, and she made the most of this chance. Here’s my favorite picture of her in the yarn:

Yarn Burrowed Sable
Sable Digs Deep

What, you can’t see her? Just look closer, right in the center…

Yarn Burrowed Sable, Close
Really, Really Deep!

There she is!

For those who feel a little uncertain about the wisdom of letting rats play in your yarn – when well socialized, the rats won’t do anything rude in there. In this case, their activities involved mostly sniffing, nuzzling, burying their faces in it, and rubbing the yarn all over their whole bodies.

Nothing you wouldn’t do yourself, right?

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