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Monday Night at the Movies, Folkcat Style

Filed under: Daily Life,Movies,The 99:99 Plan — folkcat at 12:00 pm on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Let’s see…

Not a lot to report. But that’s often the case. My days are frequently pretty simple. I very often get to actually do nothing at all except hang out at home crafting. That’s what life can be like when you don’t have kids and don’t go to a job every day. It does sometimes make writing a blog a bit of a stretch, though.

Yesterday was a hangin’ out at home day. I knit another preemie hat, bringing the current total in house to three. I worked on Gryphon’s Burgundy Sweater Vest, completing the back, and casting on and knitting an inch of ribbing for the front. And I spent some time clearing a stack of magazines and catalogs. I actually gained ground on that stack, and still plan to spend a little more time on it today, so there was good progress made on that project.

Along Came Polly (Widescreen Edition)I also watched the movie Along Came Polly, which a Craft Goddess friend had been kind enough to lend me. Yes, there’s a little gross-out humor at a few parts, and Ben Stiller’s character salsa dancing reminded me frequently of the posturing and posing of his super-model character, Zoolander. But I’ve found that along with the bizarre and sophomorish humor, Ben Stiller’s films have a good heart, and tell a good romantic tale.

It was wonderful watching Reuben, the overly-cautious insurance risk analyst, overcome the trauma of his new bride cheating on him on their honeymoon, and plunge into a relationship with Polly that was clearly not a safe, comfortable choice. Something in him recognized the potential with Polly, and helped him to overcome all his misgivings about germs, animals, and silly, unplanned behavior to pursue love.

Is it Ben Stiller’s best movie? Perhaps not. I think Meet the Parents rose to a certain level that few films can ever achieve. While I haven’t seen Meet the Fockers, the sequel, yet, rumor and reviews would have me believe that it’s even better than Parents. Still, I found Along Came Polly to be quite enjoyable, and the moral of the story – that love isn’t always particularly safe – is worth remembering.

If you choose to watch this film on DVD, do make sure to watch the “Rodolfo Goes Hollywood” featurette that’s included among the extras. Rodolfo is the aging ferret that plays Polly’s pet in the movie, and the featurette includes an interview with him, plus a look at his trip down the red carpet at the premiere. Marvelous!

I’d report on how much knitting I got done, or what project I worked on, during the movie, except that I didn’t. Although I can knit while watching television, the same isn’t true with movies. At least, not a movie I’m seeing for the first time. I’m such a movie fan, I get really caught up in the story, and I don’t like missing any details on the screen.

That’s why I don’t get to see as many movies as I might like – I actually have to put the crafting down to watch. But I really, really get a lot of enjoyment out of the experience of seeing a new film. And that’s why I actually have an index card in my 99:99 Plan stack of projects that tells me to take the time to watch a movie. It’s like a little treat for me among the WIPs and household chores that the other cards remind me to take care of!

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