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Saturday Sky, July 8, 2006

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Saturday Sky, Wilton, 070806

10:00 a.m. – bright and sunny. This photo looks from our yard out over Main St. Gryphon and I were about to head out to pick up a friend for a day of yard saling.

As I type this, it’s coming up on 7:00 p.m. We found lots of good stuff today, including yarn, crochet hooks, yarn, a froggable sweater, a huggable frog, some vintage circular knitting needles, crochet thread, a needlework mystery novel, and some beads.

I don’t even entirely know what I have, really. Sometimes you look in a box of yarn or crochet supplies just long enough to know that you’re willing to pay X dollars for it, ’cause you can see at least that much value without digging too hard. Then when they ask for X-2, you try not to act too excited as you peel off the bills, pick your items up slowly, and stroll casually back to your car.

I am pretty sure that I’ve got some high-quality 100% wool (dyeable, even!). I know I’ve got a froggable lambswool sweater that will yield a nice, almost laceweight yarn – probably enough to do a shawl. Oh, yes – and a never-been-opened counted cross stitch kit with a design of cats sleeping in a sewing room, which only cost 25 cents.

More about the yard sales later – probably Monday. To include pictures, of course, and a tally of final costs. Stay tuned!

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Comment by laughingrat

July 9, 2006 @ 12:07 am

Excellent! You can embroider the cats, and then your girls can SIT ON, as Vincent says. Although as you know by now, girl rats are more likely to RUN OFF WITH than SIT ON. Boys are more about sitting on things. 😉

Yard sales are so great. If that sweater is fingering weight, and you have about eight ounces, you should be able to do a good sized shawl. Seraphim calls for 8 oz. of fingering weight, for instance.

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