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Cool Gatherings, Warm Things, and Inquisitive Ratties

Filed under: Knitting,Knitting Groups,Rats! — folkcat at 12:46 pm on Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Last night was the monthly gathering for Eats, Knits & Leaves at the Toadstool Bookshop. Despite some folks’ fears that summer would be too busy a time for knitters to get together, there was a good crowd in attendance, including a newcomer to the group.

Patty's Baby Blanket
Patty’s Baby Blanket

Patty had this one opportunity to show off the marvelous baby blanket she knit for her niece, before giving it to her in a few short days. Actually, her daughter helped – she knit the red square in the bottom left corner.

I almost forgot to take the group photo for the month, and remembered only as Pat was leaving. So I caught a quick snap of Pat’s back as she headed towards the door!

Pat's Back as She Leaves
Bye-bye, Pat!

And then I turned back to the table to take the more traditional monthly group portrait.

July Eats, Knits & Leaves Knitters
L. to R.: Bea, Anne, Beth, Patty, Amy

Part of the evening’s conversation revolved around speculation about when the Eats, Knits & Leaves one-year anniversary would be. We came to the conclusion it was likely to be next month, but guess what? In reviewing my archives, I find that the first ever meeting was in July 2005! So we missed our chance to celebrate with a birthday cake or something this time. Maybe we can have a belated celebration next month!

What’s Jen Crafting?

Yesterday, the Warm Things project came up in my crafting rotation. Last time around, I had blocked my first Warm Things scarf, and began knitting a second one.

Warm Things WIP - Before
WIP – Warm Things: The Before Photo

The photo above shows how far I got at that time. Given another hour’s worth of knitting you would expect me to be further now than this:

Warm Things WIP - Alison's Scarf
WIP – Warm Things: After

The problem is, shortly after I picked up from where I’d left last time, I found an error in one of the vertical lace bands that I wasn’t able to fix. So I frogged back to the beginning. While I was at it, I decided that the fabric I was getting was too tight and stiff, anyhow – Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight on size 5 needles – and I wanted to knit it with a larger size.

So I cast on again with size 7 needles, and knit away. Until about the third repeat of the pattern, when I looked down and realized that all my cables were crossed the wrong ways. *sigh*

Back to the frog pond I went, and I started again. Dropped stitches during the process of doing the I-cord cast-on, and couldn’t adequately figure out how to pick them up. Frog!

Finally, I got the cast-on right, and made the progress you see above. I like the feeling of the fabric much better on the size 7’s, and the cables and lace still have nice definition. I think it’s going to work this time.

Ratties In the Morning

One of the joys of the Rattie Sisters’ day is when Gryphon and I sit at our chairs in the morning for breakfast. Each of us has an armchair, one on either side of the girls’ cage. Their door opens into a ramp on the arm of my chair to let them come out and crawl around on me. Then there’s an ottoman that serves as a small play area, and also as a bridge between my chair and Gryphon’s.

The process usually involves crawling up my front, around my shoulders, onto the back of my chair to see if they can see out the window, over onto the right arm of my chair to look longingly towards the bag of treats they know is stored up on my side table, over onto the other arm of the chair to look down towards the air cleaner that hums away there, down onto the ottoman, into whatever box we have parked there for their enjoyment, over onto Gryphon’s chair, and then all around his pants pockets, over his front and onto the back of the chair. When they get tired of Gryphon, it’s back to me, perhaps back into the cage for a quick poop and sip of water, then repeat from the beginning.

While they’re visiting Gryphon’s chair, they frequently get involved in what he’s doing. Sable has taken up an interest in the computer.

Sable and Laptop
Can You Please Google Rat Treats For Me?

Star always looks on Gryphon’s side table to see what goodies there might be to steal. Today, she was eyeing his coffee longingly. (No worries, the Ratties aren’t allowed coffee!)

Star and Coffee
How Can I Get a Morning Pick-Me-Up if I Can’t Pick It Up?

And no, Gryphon’s coffee mug hasn’t sprouted ears. It’s just serendipitously been parked precisely in front of a Pikachu stuffed toy we got at a yard sale!

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Comment by Valerie in San Diego

July 11, 2006 @ 8:23 pm

I’m totally behind on blogreading, but how can I resist ratties? SO CUTE! 🙂

the pikachu silhouette cracks me up too 🙂

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