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Friday Fatigue

Filed under: Daily Life — folkcat at 4:11 pm on Friday, July 21, 2006

It begins with the fourth day in a row of morning routine being tossed out the window because Gryphon picked up a little casual part-time work. Which is a good thing, but it changes our mornings altogether.

It is reinforced by rapid changes in the weather – what was supposed to be a sunny weekend is now expected to bring thunderstorms.

Add a hefty coughing fit from allergies that aren’t being kept down by the arsenal of allergy meds taken (prescribed meds, no less).

And you wind up with one tired, slightly depressed Jen.

The sky is cloudy today. The sun comes out just long enough to make you put on your sunglasses, then goes away again when you start to drive. It’s hot and humid outside, and air-conditioned – but still, somehow, humid – inside.

All this has me feeling directionless and unmotivated with regards to my crafting. I did work on the latest Market Squares bag with Noro Kureyon at Panera last night. But I’m feeling beat up by today’s coughing and general malaise, and can’t seem to convince myself to do anything noteworthy.

I’m trying to keep my energy up for tomorrow – there are two known rummage sales, plus a slew of yard sale ads in the paper. Lots of them are moving sales, or say “rain or shine”, so even if the weather is off it could be a good thrifty shopping weekend.

I’m going to go get something comforting to eat and watch something fun on tv. Y’all have a great weekend, and stay cool and dry, okay? I’ll be fine by Monday, I’m sure.

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Comment by Valerie in San Diego

July 21, 2006 @ 6:07 pm

Oh, how I know that feeling! Hope the weekend perks up for you.

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