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Bring Me The Head of Maneki-Neko; and, Sweaters for the Frog Pond

Filed under: Knitting,Papercraft,Thrifty Shopping — folkcat at 3:51 pm on Monday, July 24, 2006

A little while ago, I posted a picture of a small pile of mysteriously-shaped pieces of cutout paper, with a promise that you’d learn more eventually.

Eventually has arrived! I’ve been working on a new-to-me craft, 3-D Paper Models. There are projects all over the web that you can download for free. You print them out on cardstock on your home inkjet printer, and then follow the instructions to cut and glue them together to create sculptural models.

Some are very simple, and some are quite complex. Disney A Disney Fan* recently came out with an impressive, 18.5 inch tall, 22 inch long model of the ship Wicked Wench as a promotional item for the new Pirates of the Caribbean film., based on the ride.* The instructions alone are 16 pages long!

For my first project, I didn’t choose the easiest one, but I stayed away from the hardest as well. This rendition of a Japanese Maneki-Neko (a legendary beckoning cat said to bring good fortune) can be found at the Canon Creative Park website. (They also offer many realistic animal models, some scientific models and dioramas, and a number of holiday decorations.)

Paper Model: Maneki-Neko Head

Obviously, I’ve still got a ways to go before this is complete. But I’m feeling a good sense of accomplishment even from just finishing the head. And I’m endlessly fascinated with the process that must be involved to design such a project – turning flat, 2-dimensional cardstock into a nicely rendered 3-d sculpture.

* Edited 8-9-06 to correct: Based on a comment from a reader, Mikey (Thanks, Mikey!), it’s been pointed out that the ship model wasn’t an official Disney release, but rather the creation of a Disney fan, and wasn’t a promotional item for the movie, but was based on the ride.

Disney fandom is a marvelous thing. There are many such talented folks involved who are creating objects so magnificent that it’s hard to remember they’re not the product of the Disney corporation itself!

More Thrifty Finds

I promised on Saturday to show you the six great sweaters I found at a thrift store that day. Since there are lots of pictures of sweaters and labels, I’ll put that after the jump for those who are genuinely interested. Read on!

The total take of sweaters for recycling this time was six, with five of those only costing me $1 each because it was Blue Tag day at the Salvation Army. I had a great time browsing the many, many racks of sweaters to pick out the likely candidates for frogging. Gryphon found himself a couch to sit on, and I would bring him armfuls of sweaters so that he could examine the seams and overall condition in great detail while I kept harvesting the racks.

If you can’t read the tag pictures, just click on them to see a larger image.

The first sweater I’ll show you I bought for the color, not the fiber content.

Recycling: Variegated Purple Acrylic Blendp7224328-copy_edited.jpg

Isn’t that variegated purple lovely? And despite the acrylic and nylon content, the yarn is fairly soft, too. I liked this yarn so much, it’s the only sweater in the pile that I payed full, non-sale price for. And at that, it only cost me $3.99! The condition on this one is great, only a little fuzzing of the fabric, but no actual pilling.

Recycling: rosanna Lambs Wool/Angorap7224331-copy_edited.jpg

A nice tan sweater, lambs wool and angora rabbit with a little nylon – probably for strength. This sweater has a couple small food stains on the front, but I think I’ll be able to get them out when I wash the yarn.

Recycling: Charter Club Classics Cottonp7224334-copy_edited.jpg

It’s hard to tell whether this sweater is green or brown. Whatever it is, it’s a nice cotton yarn that I’m looking forward to converting into something else.

Pink Ann Taylor Lambswoolp7224336-copy_edited.jpg

The first of two Ann Taylor sweaters this day, and both of them pink. This one has a nice all-over stitch pattern – almost a cable, but not quite. I took a close picture so I can replicate the stitch someday if I like.

Stitch Details
Stitch Detail

Recycling: Pink Ann Taylor Silkp7224340-copy_edited.jpg

The second Ann Taylor – short sleeve and no collar, so there will be less yarn here. On the other hand, it’s a very fine weight 100% silk. I can live with that!

Recycling: Green J. Crewp7224342-copy_edited.jpg

J. Crew, in a beautiful green that falls somewhere between the two photos. 100% wool, and also in great condition.

Total paid for all six sweaters: $8.99. Not bad!



Comment by Carrie K

July 24, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

Nice price for the yarn from those sweaters!

I love that kitty cat. I love the ship too, but even my recent interest in origami isn’t going to make me attempt that one.


Comment by Mikey

August 9, 2006 @ 11:59 am

Congratulations on finding the fun of paper models. However, I should point out that the Wicked Wench model was not done by Disney. It was done by a Disney fan, and the model is from Disneyland’s ride. Still, it’s an awesome model!

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