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Filed under: Crafting Miscellany,Knitting,Thrifty Shopping — folkcat at 1:02 pm on Tuesday, July 25, 2006

That’s what I have today. Nearly nothing that I can show that will make much of an impression, anyhow.

I finished another preemie hat yesterday. But do you really need to see yet another preemie hat? It looks a lot like those I’ve done before.

I stitched a little while on the oriental crane needlepoint. But not enough to produce progress readily visible to a person not working on the stitching.

I can report that Gryphon and I stumbled across a decent yard sale on Sunday, while we were out doing errands. I picked up a new-in-the-box Atlas pasta machine for only $8, which will make it easier for me to get back into making polymer clay objects if I wish.* Also a couple of simple flower presses, a rabbit fur pouch that I may either add new straps and a lining to and use as is, or use as raw material for a luxurious plush animal, and a couple of shell necklaces. I think we spent a whole $11 altogether. Not bad.

I never did mention that, in spite of the rain on Saturday, we did find one garage sale that hadn’t shut down. We just weren’t impressed with most of what they had there. I did find one thing, though – this little Japanese souvenir doll for a quarter.

Japanese Souvenir Drummer Doll

She’s in need of a little TLC, though. The golden pouch-like object with the red rim that’s hanging from her neck is actually her hat, and should be sitting on top of her head. You can see a little white bit of glue on top of her hair. In the process of getting pulled off, the hat messed up her hair something fierce, too.

Other than that, she was only a little dusty from sitting unappreciated. So I’ll be fixing her up one day soon, and she’ll be restored to her former glory.

*I had given all my polymer clay supplies to my assistant at the bead store a little before we closed up the shop, as she seemed to be genuinely interested in the craft, and I hadn’t had either time or inspiration to pursue it for a while. But lately there’s been a profusion of new tools available in even the big-box craft stores, and I’ve been feeling a tug…

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